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KV4 Kreslykkaskyisyi CW reward tank review

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So after getting to try out the KV4 Kreslavskiy out on my account for a few days, I have to say I am pretty happy with it compared to the other available rewards



The gun on the kreslaslivsksky is actually quite good for what it is. Its the KV4 gun, 227 AP/289 APCR with good dispersion and accuracy values to it and 320 aplha but with poor dpm. (approx 9.5 sec reload) The only gripe I've had is the dispersion is just slightly too much for reliable snaps on most targets even after waiting a moment.



the Kresl is a mixed bag in this respect. The side armor is truly excellent for the tier hanging around at 230 even when angled at 45 ish degrees with very thick tracks covering most of it to boot and the turret is quite good, mostly going between 230 and black hole. What gimps it is the miserably poor frontal armor. The lower plate is only effectively 180-200 straight on and the upper plate is an appalling 150-160 effective. Worse yet however is that the engine is mounted in the front so frontal hits will often result in engine damage and fires (as well as a dead driver.) I've found that ideally you want to be at around 40 degrees against other tier 8s to bait them into shooting your side instead of the weak front when in the open but are best off side scraping or trying to play hull down. Its worth mentioning that due to the gun being displaced to the left, its better off going around the left side of corners when possible for minimal exposure



The mobility is actually surprisingly excellent on this tank. The limit is 30kph but it reaches that with ease on flat ground and still maintains good speed uphill. The traverse is still mediocre but not as bad as you might expect. It won't go downhills any faster than 30kph though so dont get your dreams up about amazing rams like the kv5.



The equipment I found best on this tank was rammer, vstab, and optics though vents (just for general use) and spall liner are both viable as well given I found myself the focus of even more arty than usual driving this tank but rarely being penned except by a few M44 heat rounds. With consumables I attempted to run food with rep kit and med initially but quickly found out that frontal engine damage was a thing resulting in repeated fires so dropping fire ext is a very bad idea. Med kit could potentially be dropped instead but my driver died almost every game in addition to other crew members sometimes so I would not recommend it. 



As far as the thing actually plays, its rather reminiscent of a KV4 but more suited to sidescraping and less to being in the open. There are a few quirks worth mentioning though.

-This tank is AWFUL at cornering, the turret is mounted further twards the rear and is increedddiblly long. Think TOG II* long. Paired with bad frontal armor, trying to peek corners is prettymuch entirely impractical.

-The gun depression is pretty good at 7 degrees but can be difficult to use due to the turret placement and the gun elevation is awful at 15 degrees, which can be quite a problem on occasion.

-VR isnt great. With optics and an excellent 6 perk crew and food (which is not recommended) it barely reaches max vr. Without food or VR perks, I would expect the VR to only be about 410 meters with optics. without optics the tank is rather vulnerable to VR abuse without any bushes even involved.

-Its very profitable, surprisingly so. You can actually even run a profit with full apcr spam. The apcr is only 4k a shell.


Should you get it over the other rewards?

In my opinion yes. The other 2 tier 8 reward tanks suffer from awful guns. The IS5 is horrifically inaccurate and the chefitain has miserable pen on top of both their chassis being poorly armored. The main advantage they have over the kv4 is speed, dpm and being less awkward in a brawl. Also if you just want a prem for some money making, the kv4 has good AP pen and cheap gold rounds with the only downside being somewhat costly 1k credit ap shell.


Some game play.

here a game from my stream. Its partially muted but I feel like it shows off how the tank plays pretty well.

and this game is a great example of how not play the tank and awkwardly flounder around instead in a tier 10 game It really is sad to watch I warn you

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7 minutes ago, neziho said:

Good review. Now go back to three marking the Matilda BP. :fat:


don't send me back to the salt mines :foreveralone:

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1 minute ago, IanSanJR said:

does kv4 meet tier 10 games?

yes, none of the rewards get pref mm, they all see tier 10s 

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so for stronks...this or is5?  I really wouldn't use any of these in pubs ln a regular basis but making $ on tier which one?

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9 hours ago, bobdaxx said:

so for stronks...this or is5?  I really wouldn't use any of these in pubs ln a regular basis but making $ on tier which one?

I would personally take the kreselselvaskki in stronks just because I hate it when my gun cant hit anything the barrel isnt shoved up and the kv4 gun can actually pen IS3s but the IS5 is probally more practical in spite of being infuriating as hell.

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tbh i was more of the idea that is-5 > chieftain t95 > kv-4-kres

Because of the fact that is-5 gets usable armor and apcr/heat which is good for both top and bottom tier.

Chieftain is just meh, its kinda fun, like a american medium but the gun just derps out sometimes and there is absolutely no armor at all, the turret can pull of some bounces as top tier, but that capuola just kills it.

Still waiting for the mini-campaign to end on asia, will see after it get it but honestly i don't think its going to be much fun to play, judging by when i saw Quickybaby's live stream for this (because kv-4-kres hypeeeee) and then he gets penned by a tiger ii for pretty much forever even while angling.

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15 hours ago, TheMarine0341 said:

The HEAT on the IS5 is terrible, meanwhile the KV4K gets 227 AP and 289 APCR, which is WORLDS better than the IS5

Yes but the low alpha + slow sleed + meh armor + meh dpm. It's nice that you can hit and pen stuff but it's a tank that's super easy to counter. IS5 at least has survivability against people with more than 48% win rate. Plus it's not like other ruskie prem heavies get good handling. 


Also isn't the gun on it better at hitting stuff than the is3a which is considered good? Not to mention is faster, 

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The KV4K has better armor in pubs, as you can better control the range of engagement. 

And, good luck hitting anything with the IS5 or IS3A over 100m away. The KV4K, with Vents/food/BIA you're looking at .34 accuracy which is better than even the RHM

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It's surprisingly alright. Armor is decent for tier and as long as you hulldown and pretend to have a Maus-turret, you can bounce even 10s. Mobility is good, it gets to top-speed and keeps it without too much of an effort, even over rough terrain. Gun behaves alright.

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I took the IS5 and I think I'm already starting to regret it, thinking i should have taken this thing.


I had a 1800wn8 session yesterday in it.... a darn 1800 session! Around 60% win rate, but still.

I might write a review, if someone doesn't beat me up to it.

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