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Clash of Clans, Yo who up!?

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So my old thread disappeared into the abyss of lost causes and I'm to lazy to find it... soooo yeah. @Razavn and I are still kind of running a wotlabs member clash of clans clan (sometimes @TheMarine0341 is there too). It was active at one point till all you fuckers quit the game. So yeah like join we give out decent troops and stuff and we got mad goals. Hoping to get the clan up in level so we can get better stuff (it's only lvl 3 atm). I am kinda curious if this is still even a popular game, like nobody seems to play it anymore. @TaylorSwift 


Also tag someone who would dress like this irl





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My clan is actually looking for people so we can push onto level 10, as all our mid level players are ded. Also how far are you guys?


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Still playing, but joined some guys from work that are really active. Clan just went level 10 the other day and having troops going up 2 levels is pretty sweet. I actually made it into master league for the first time so I need to figure out what to do with my sweet 1K gem bonus.

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I hit TH8 the other week and it suddenly got busy again.


Boom Beach is a better game, but CoC is still a laugh. We need more active people in the Wotlabs clan.

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12 hours ago, BattleMetalChris said:



That's like saying you can't play WoT for free.

I dislike having to wait 1 week+ for stuff to happen.

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