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Official Show Off Your Vehicle Thread!!

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Since it was mentioned in my project car thread and sounded like a good idea, Let's have a vehicles show off thread. Should try to keep it to vehicles we own or at least have regular access to drive. Anything beyond good-natured banter on the fanboy front will just be edited out. This is for fun, keep it that way.

I'll start, since I've probably spent more on gas and diesel throughout my life than anything else and loved every second of it:

My first love, my '89 Ford F-150, 5.0L V8, 5 Spd manual. Chopped the entire exhuast off at the manifolds and drove it around like a retard for a year. Found out by accident that it could jump no problem, launched it almost every day after that and never broke anything. I miss that thing still....but 3 MPG when you're 19 hurts a lot...



After that (kinda at the same time, really) I came to own this glorious ridiculous monstrosity, my '00 Dodge Ram 2500 work truck. It was a 5.9L Inline 6 Cummins diesel, 4x4, automatic (rebuilt twice because that engine chewed up shitty Chrysler automatics). And yes, that big thing on the back is a utility body. It was a plow/work truck its entire life. I sold it a couple years ago because the rear end was going out and because of the gearing/trans/engine combination, the specific rear end for it would cost more than the ting was worth. Also having been a plow truck in New Hampshire most of its life, it was rusting to shit. Oh well:


Then in 2008, as a dumb PFC in the Marine Corps, I got my first auto loan and bought one of the most fun vehicles I ever own; an '04 Dodge Dakota 4x4, 4.7L V8, 4 door. The power of that drive train with the small size of the truck made it a blast to drive on and off road. I loved it. And now my ex-wife loves it because divorce is fun, kids:


I did a hackjob exhaust on it too, and it sounded great. Here's a friend of mine recording me going through the tunnels in West Virgina:


Then I had another '89 F-150, same as the first but this was a short bed. Everything else was the same. I loved this thing too but it wasn't worth much and when I left California, I gave it to one of the dumbass kids that worked for me:


And lastly, my project car detailed in my original thread, the '01 Lincoln Town Car:



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my first and so far only Car:


1996 Honda Integra DC1 - 1.6L Automatic. (yes I know, auto) 

it had to be an auto because of my license restrictions here in NZ (do the restricted test in an auto = you can only drive autos till you get your full after 18 months)

I've owned it since the day after christmas last year. 

when I bought it it looked like this:


Yep, it was black. I got it Vinyl wrapped about a month ago - and those small white decals you can see were made by a friend who worked as a Sign writer. (for free)


I absolutely adore it. it has a Sports exhaust system in it - it sounds super nice without sounding stupidly loud and boy racery. obviously the gold alloys, and it also has front and rear strut braces, plus I believe it has a sports suspension kit (its been lowered a bit and the suspension is very stiff, I don't know for sure but I think it is a sports kit - it hasn't been chopped I know that much, since chopped springs are illegal here) all of the modifications have been on the car for years, 

it also has a Carbon wrapped bonnet (which was done before I bought it) and along with the blue wrap, I had the wing mirrors done in carbon as well.

Surprisingly enough, for an old auto like this, its very nice. gear changes are crisp and fast. its not slow or sluggish and such. it does have the occasional automatic thing of changing down a gear then instantly changing up when you put your foot down, but its way more responsive than my Mothers 2010 Ford Mondeos automatic system. 


along with that, its cheap to run, it looks nice, and its a 2 door coupe. it ticks literally all the boxes for a first car :D

funnily enough, I also took a video of me driving it down my favourite road out near where I live: featuring some of NZ's beautiful scenery

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My 1972 Oldsmobile 442, I've had her for around 13 years now. I put it back on the road a few years ago after rebuilding the engine, transmission, and suspension. I also removed all the layers of paint and bondo and put it in a sealing primer, I had to add stripes because all flat black looked wierd. I daily drove this for years until I met my future wife and decided to impress her with a burnout which I promptly blew up my transmission in the process. I still drive her about 4-5 days a week whether it is for a car show or just plain errands




It feeding




The heart, its actually a older pictures, I added the correct 442 350 decal to the air cleaner lid, I also made the air box to connect to the ram air hood



This is another project I've been toying with, a 1986 Cutlass Salon, V8 car with a beautiful interior. This car kicked around my brother's shop for a while, he put a new transmission in and rear end welded a 1/4 panel patch in due to the previous owner wrecking (also why the rear needed to be replaced) This car has the F41 handing package and my brother through new springs, shocks and drop spindles in the front. I took it off his hands and I finished installing the transmission, finished the suspension and new brakes. I currently working on the body work, I'm practicing on this first before I tackle the body work on my 442, I don't know what I will do with this car when its done, probably give it back to my brother in the end. I really need to update the pictures for this car because most of the body work is done now, this was when I first got it







From there I just sold my 03 Ford Crown Vic Police Interceptor and bought a 2011 Chevrolet Malibu LTZ with the V6

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This is my current car, Acura RSX 2005


I used to have a hand me down of a hand me down 2002 Honda Civic (My mother had it who gave it to my older brother who destroyed it basically)
(picture taken in 2014 lol)


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So I got my car in Mid summer 2014, in fall 2014, I got hit WHILE PARKED in a mcdonalds parking lot while eating lunch, by a commercial truck..... so car went into shop for like 2 months, then early winter 2014, in heavy traffic, a deer decided to yolo across traffic and hit my car.... so car into shop for like another couple weeks... by the time 2015 new years came, my car spent more time out of my possession, than in since owning it -_-

since then tho, everythings fine besides 1 flat tire, and something wonky in front left tire area, due to hella speed bumps in GA, but those are all le fixed and everythings hunky dory so far 


My mom/brothers old honda civic tho..... looked super ghetto.... performed super ghetto... but fuck it, it was a car that ran so I was a happy senior in highschool. (rip me biking everywhere which kept me moderately fit for my fatty self in HS)

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1 hour ago, PityFool said:

I swear this is from that show, Moonshiners, I can almost smell the mash brewing in the shed back there.




Lol almost. This was during my brief stay in Kansas. We're from the civilized part of Murica. Our neighbors asked us what church we went to and when we said "we don't", they literally never spoke to any of us again. That shed is a 2-room in-law house that no one had used in like 30 years. We ran some chains through the windows in to the back yard, hooked them up to the back of that red diesel Dodge, and pulled it off the foundation.

I was not sad to leave that stupid place, but that's where that black monster got sold.

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Behold glorious stronk Swedish steel beast!!! Its a T10 it says so on the number pate! And for extra grand dad car points it's the 1.6 diesel version!! :QBFlip:









And yes you keen eyed viewers those are Ford RS alloys on it



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This was my old motor pushing just a smidge over 400bhp/tonne and was so muh fun (will miss it forever!!)


Though with kiddy and family stuff I have gone for a much more modest sensible family car in the form of a brand spanking new Mountune Focus ST


Have to say I am somewhat impressed with the 2L ecoboost.... 270ish bhp and silly amounts of torque whilst retaining 28.2MPG!!! That's some sort of Voodoo magic right there, not even driving it sensibly and the economy is ridiculous. What is amazing however are the seats... I want those seats everywhere, built into my sofa, at work, next to my bed... full leather Recaros feel like they hug you the entire time you are driving

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13 hours ago, Deusmortis said:

I thought we already had one of these...  Or did we hijack an automotive related thread to show off personal cars?



My current vehicle, 2016 MX-5 Miata







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My 1997 F350 with 450k Miles :^) Bought it back in 2010 with 350k miles on it... lol

When I first got her


Got the bed fixed since where the toolbox was it was all cracked and got a cheap repaint on the bed..


New front replacement bumper and went back to stock wheels and some 315's


When I got my side bumpers as I call them lol, I've actually had 2 cars side swipe the side of my Truck lol just scratched the paint on the steps. This is how she still looks now, tho did swap out the headlights since they were soo dirty I couldn't clean them with anything.



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Prepare to be unimpressed:

My wife's car, a 2011 Ford Focus 1.8 SI:



It's a pretty bare-bones model on the inside:


My car, a 2013 Peugeot 5008 1.6 THP Allure:


It has enough buttons for a geek like me. It's the first automatic I've driven and I'm not hating the experience. Really nice for heavy traffic:


And even has a HUD which is nice. I was surprised to discover 2s following distance is further than I thought it was:



So yeah, not exactly a manly car driver. Pick-up trucks with their combination of terrible fuel economy and uncomfortable ride aren't really my style :-)

It's interesting to see the variety of cars that seem to be largely confined to the US (or maybe just 1st world?). Such odd shapes, such long wheelbase :-)

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9 hours ago, TaylorSwift said:



It is the sworn duty of every Miata owner to stand and salute in the presence of an NA.  

Just now, OOPMan said:


It's interesting to see the variety of cars that seem to be largely confined to the US (or maybe just 1st world?). Such odd shapes, such long wheelbase :-)

As I've traveled through Europe lately (or stopped in a few ports of call, at least), I've had some automotive ponderings:

Do euros actually like the way these look?

Is everything some form of hatchback?

I think the average American motorcycle is larger than the average European family vehicle.

Is that a lawnmower engine, a seat, some plywood, and clear plastic wrapped around a person actually considered a vehicle?

How many of these vehicles have double digit horsepower figures?  Can they even make it up these hills?

While I do own the MX-5, I suppose this is my current vehicle...



(The closer one, not the one leaving while I'm not aboard.)

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