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Completion Spreadsheet for T-44-100 Mission Marathon

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Hey Wotlabsians!

I created this handy little spreadsheet to monitor your daily progress in the up-and-coming T-44-100 Mission Marathon. Yeah, I love creating spreadsheets.

Here is the link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1apwR5Y6YYJMcuVNCsZQ-CDd5uyWjlZXWGz01l23sy14/edit

How it Works

You input your current damage and kill count to the spreadsheet for all the nations, which adds them all up, and tells you whether you've fulfilled the required average for that day. It also tells you how many days of advantage you have, should you progress faster; or disadvantage, respectively.


How to Use

1.) Create a Copy of the Spreadsheet by going into the File menu and choosing Make a Copy. (You'll need to be logged in to your Google account to do this.)

2.) At the end of each day, go to your Missions panel in-game and input your current Damage and Kills into the spreadsheet by nation.  Damage-Counter.png

+.) If you're buying a token, you can input 150.000 damage and 150 kills to the appropriate nation's column.

This is a tool for those who like numbers and would like to visualize their progress with the Mission Marathon.

I hope some of you guys will find it useful.

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From one side that is pretty neat, though it still requires a lot of input when it is pretty easy to determine where you need to be. Before you had to average 5000 damage and 5 kills a day so just take the current date (in this case the 5th) and multiply it by those numbers. If you are ahead then you're hunky dory, otherwise you're behind.

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Eh, I found the data entry to be a low time requirement and the quick summation of how on par you are is nice.

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