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Question on Tactics

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So I'm back playing again after a layoff or several months, and I'm finding I'm making the same stupid mistakes I had almost purged from my game play by the end of my last time in game. To whit, being too aggressive in tanks that cannot handle the aggression. 

That said, I'm on Prok in my M46KR (grinding credits because I lost 1.2mil trying to play tier 9 and 10 too soon) in a tier 10 match. It's an encounter battle so I figure I'll avoid the cap and hill and go over to the east side of the map where I can peek over the middle and hopefully spot some targets for the TD's in the back and not run into the bulk of the tier 10 meds on the other side. 

After one minute and some very bad play, I have 13hp left with nothing lit in front of me except the fast lights and med's running around the middle of the field. So I figure the only constructive thing I can do is head over to the cap and hopefully force the other side into exposing themselves by trying to reset. 

Surprisingly, that works like a charm, and somehow I survive to the end of the game by capping all 100points. There's only one of their tanks left by the time the countdown ends, and I'm pretty happy to have turned lemons into lemonade, as it were. 

Until I get a message from a Uni asking my why I capped (I have chat off, I'm too volatile in chat to trust myself to letting my feelings out during the game. I've found it's much less stress on me to offer praise in a message than an insult in game, so that's what I do now). So I explain my rationale to him, and he tells me I was a nub because we get more xp for kills than capping. And rather pointedly reminds me that my stats suck. 

So, was capping a good option for me in that scenario, or should I have found a bush and tried to be a fat sniper and hope the team was able to kill the other side? I always heard that killing all the enemy wasn't that big a deal, but maybe I'm not up to date on the latest way that stats/xp is recorded.  

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I mean tbh you didnt really secure the win by capping all the way to 100. I would have probably go out if i saw that you are clearly winning. I wouldnt go as far as to send you pm or anything like that tho.

But who knows maybe he was running for MoE or whatever. And it is true what he said that kills and dmg > cap points.

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