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What do you make of this? - New 'Hitlog'

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1 hour ago, Kolni said:

So I was watching RU CT streams and this is what I managed to gather: 

  • 1. The badges (spotted/crit/damage/assisted stuff) are removed completely. 
  • 2. There are popups for damage taken (not necessary imo, literally JUST a distraction), and also popups for what tank you spotted along with a multiplier indicator of how many tanks you spotted
  • 3. damage dealt/blocked/assisted in that order and the last one is the last course of action that involved you (given russian this last one might be not be accurate)
  • 4. spotting checks are a really big difference and it might be worth considering fine-tuning your aiming skills since split second stuff will actually net you extra damage
  • 5. CT seemed to have an FPS boost for most people
  • 6. HD maps are ugly as fuck, but objects in grey are destructible while black ones are solids which is also a pretty nice addition (although unnecessary)


1. You can turn them off now via in-game settings

2. Depends on what they look like, I quite like the pop up so I don't have to pay attention with my ears or look away from the aiming reticule

3. That's what I figured, the last action/shot you did

4. We have waited for that for so long, it's going to be hard to break the habbit of aiming in front and waiting for that render!

5. woooo!

6. I quite like them, didn't even know that about the black/white buildings but makes sense. It's much easier to read when you take a quick glance and easier for minimap sniping too

7 hours ago, juhaas said:

It's only partially true. It's not passed when not spotted but as soon as it is you can query the spotted vehicle's health. So technically, you only are not able to detect changes in HP on unspotted tank due to self-inflicted or team damage.

You can query the vehicles health but you cannot query who caused the damage, only make assumptions based on round averages - but even then that's pretty tough. You can't get back the information for your 'roll' unless you were the only one who hit it.

The information saying that 'tank was hit' is passed back to the client but not whether it did any damage or not

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