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So tonight as I'm playing WoW for the first time in months, rig decides to shut itself off. And not turn back on. I'm very afraid that my PSU just went kaput and took a bunch of other stuff with it. However I am not sure how to approach diagnosis in a safe manner in order to not risk any parts. 

Stuff inside:

4790k on h100i

Asus z97-a 

Antec HCG 620w 80+ bronze

Msi gtx 970

EVGA gtx 970 (not currently running due to lack of cables)

Samsung 950 pro 

Many other SSD/HDD

Gskill ram


Anyone have any guidance? I've sunk ~$3k into this over the past year in hardware, really hoping I don't have a dead hunk of trash rn.

@Folterknecht save me obi wan

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First i would pull out the GPU that is not beeing used. No reason for it to be in there if you do not have the cables for it.

You said it wouldn't turn on, like no reaction whatsoever? Or fans spinning up and then shutting back down? Are leds on the motherboard lighting up?

Do you have a spare psu for testing?

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As Daezara said, pull out the 2nd GPU. After that pull the plug from the wall and then press the start button a few times. After that let the PC rest for 1-2 hours before trying to start it.

I 'd even go so far as to take out both 970s and connect the TFT to the onboard connection of the motherboard (using the iGPU).


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Both GPUs are out, comp booted successfully. 

My question is should I just buy a new PSU? I'm worried that if I try to run on something no good it will fry something else eventually. 

And there was no life coming from it last night. I opened it up to see if anything was shorted, but everything looked fine. Though there was some kind of electrical smell coming from the inside, but idk where it actually was. 

And no spare PSU for me. 

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12 hours ago, Folterknecht said:

Put one GPU back in ... and while your at disconnect all power cable connections, check plugs from the inside for bent thingies and put everything back together.

GPU plugged in, it will not turn on. Same as last night, brief bit of light then dead when I tried. So I'm guessing something about the 8 pin connections in the PSU were fried. 

Edit: took GPU out again, booted no problem. Ffs. 

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At this point could be your PSU (likely culprit), GPU or MOBO. The easiest thing to do at this point is to get yourself a "new" PSU to test with. Get one (temporarily) from BestBuy or your local equivalent and return when done testing. Easier to do than splurge on new PSU for no reason. If that does not bear fruit, you've got 2 GPUs but only using 1 so you can easily test that path. And if that still fails, likely the MOBO bit the dust.

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Try the other GPU?


If you have any other 8 pin power connectors try using those instead.

Ignore me if anyone else says something better (since I honestly dpn't know) but maybe your PSU isn't giving enough power for the GPU as well as everything else (meaning its a PSU problem since its not providing its full power potential)

Edit: could also try using a different PCI-E slot, just thinking out loud but the first one might be damaged or something on the mobo causing it to not work (possibly shorted or something so that when its not being used its not effecting the rest of the system and thus it works)

I mean, im probably wrong but theres no hurt in trying I guess.

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Make a BIOS reset first (save profile with your settings to USB stick if possible).


Test both GPUs in the 1st slot and the one in the middle. The bottom slot is "irrelavant" for GPUs on Intels mainstream platform, despite AMDs nonsense marketing (Xfire/CrossfireX or however they call that nonsense).


Make sure the slots are clean, same goes for PCIe connectors on the GPUs (Isopropanol is your friend in that case).

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