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Hey folks,

So, my groups has decided to back off from tier 8 expansion and build our core up first. As a result, we are implementing a new training plan. Part of that plan is to create a semi-quantifiable standard by which to grade people on certain aspects of their abilities - a rubric.

I ask for experienced trainers and tankers' opinions on the most important aspects of personal gameplay. I plan to have our folks grade each category on a 1-10 scale when they as for mentoring, so that we can focus on where they need to improve and why.

Here is my working list of important gameplay abilities, please comment and discuss how I can improve it (if you are interested):

  • Situational awareness - How well does the player read and react to the layout of allied and enemy tanks?
  • Terrain use - How well does the player utilize available terrain to reduce damage to their tank?
  • HP use - Does the player attempt to (and successfully) take damage only when it gains their team an advantage?
  • Effective Fire - Does the player hit and penetrate consistently?
  • Consistency and Opportunity - Does the player get impatient and sacrifice tactical advantage? Does the player take advantage of opportunities to push/react to the enemy?

Am I missing any? Do you disagree with the importance of any of the items on my list?

Thanks for your input!

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If you're looking for competitive play, make sure to include focus fire. I know of many battles lost because there were 5 one-shots left alone. Make sure your players know that low health targets die first, and if they don't have a shot, don't bother holding it. The only time I ever hold a shot in competitive battles is when I can see a clear shot to who I want to shoot within half of my reload.

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Terrain use would by under micromanaging your tank category and whoever doesnt know how to do that effectivly shouldnt even be considered. Thats like not knowing how to sidescrape or lead target or shoot weakspots. Thats like the step one in this game. Only after that can you start improving in order to become a good or better player.

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