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My game launcher is broken.

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I don't know exactly how to fix it, but I'll point you to the settings option at the top right.

As the message says, it's not connecting to the update servers. Either it would be that the I.P and/or port is set up incorrectly, or something to do with your Internet being blocked. Could be something as simple as a firewall, or it could be that your ISP blocks the servers.

I'd suggest researching what the I.P or port is for the WoT SEA servers and checking that your firewalls are open, antivirus is off, and maybe try a VPN if nothing else works.

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Mine problem is not related to settings (AFAIK).  The 9.17 update borked this morning.  Got through to login screen and it requests to update, so back to update.  Figured the "integrity checker" would help but unfortunately it borks at 73% with 100% disk usage (likely a memory leak).  Hopefully a reinstall works...already slim on Sep tickets for stuff this bork is gonna cost me a tank. :-(

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