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E75 Positioning in Pilsen in Battle Tier 10

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Hey guys -

Had a tough round in Pilsen awhile back, wanted to share the replay and get folks thoughts on what I could've done better.  


Its a Pilsen match, tier X, I'm driving my E75.  Our E5 does not go city but I figured I'm dead meat on the east side of map so I go to the 1 line.  Not trying to be aggressive, just trying to hold the flank and see what opens up.  Get into a 1v1 with an IS-7 and we trade some ineffective fire - I make a couple shots I shouldn't have.  Then a friendly 121 comes up and starts showing his sides to the IS-7 and an AMX 13 90.  So I move forward to eat a shell from the IS-7 and save him.  I manage to save the 121 but I expose myself to fire, take a big hit from an E3 and then shortly later I'm overwhelmed by the red team pushing through.  

The 121 had a decent WN8 so my first question is - did he know something I don't?  From my POV he had no business positioning himself in the way he did.

Second is - was my initial deployment wrong?  Should I have followed the E5?  

Third is - once I was committed to the 1 line was it the correct decision to come out of cover and eat a shell for the 121 to keep his gun in the match?  Or should I have stayed behind cover?




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You should always go town. I usually wouldn't go on the outside of the 1 line like that, but someone has to cover it so you were alright.

You guys were going to lose town regardless, but you played about as poorly as possible. You were sidescraping against the IS-7, but you didn't do anything, you just sat there. Load gold, back that booty on up, aim, and you should be ok. That's not what really annoyed me though.

When the 121 initiated the fight against the IS-7 you threw away the opportunity he gave you. Instead of helping the 121 focus down the IS-7 you decide to try and hit the 1390 down the road with your broken gun, multiple times. 1390 wasn't going to do shit to either of you. When your gun is damaged fix it. When you are backing up don't turn sideways. When you are in a 2v1 and your team mate starts pushing help him.


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Err, i would say town is a definite choice.

In this game, your team has an overwhelming medium advantage, taking field is not a problem if you spearhead the push.


Enemy has only 1 artillery and a GC at that, its one of the least threatening tier 10 arty due to its low dpm.

Not to mention you have north spawn, south spawn has little cover on the outskirt(unlike north spawn, which has a shit load of hulldown/crossfire in the outskirt, you should NEVER push field from southspawn into north on Pilsen), once you control the high point, there are very few spots south spawn could use to hinder your advance.

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Well put by AR. Basically, if a teammate makes an aggressive move support them ASAP and for as long as you can safely. Taking a shot to "save" an ally 99.9% of the time is not useful because that's damage you don't have to take. It's on each player to conserve their own HP. Supporting your allies before it comes to that will yield much better results.

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Thanks for reviewing my replay guys - much appreciated!

I definitely did not handle the 1v1 on the IS-7 well.  Watching the review I could see where I was holding a shot waiting for a lfp shot to open up but reviewing tanks.gg I'm pretty sure at close range his upper plate is easier to pen then his lower plate, yeah?

With repairing the gun I'm pretty sure I was vision locked on the AMX/IS-7 and was so focused on tank positioning that I failed to recognize my gun was hurt at all.  If I did recognize it - I don't recall this - I think I would've not repaired the gun in any case as I would've saved the kit for a track repair instead (assuming in a brawl situation I don't need the accuracy as much as the ability to avoid damage).  Do you guys agree with that approach or in a tier X match like this is keeping accuracy for sniping weakspots more important?

As to the AMX 13 90 you're right, I was frustrated by the IS-7, looking for some easy damage, and my brain wasn't keeping up with all the information the game was providing me (gun is hurt, AMX is hulldown) and so my greed for salvaging WN8 led me to make some bad aiming decisions there!

I think my main focus has to be on information processing/filtering.  I've been trying to practice glancing mini-map but checking for tank damage as shots arrive also needs to be higher in the priority list.  Do you guys have any strategies/practice regimes in place to help train your brain to process/filter/prioritize/act on all the various inputs coming from WoT?  Maybe there are some good articles about this elsewhere on the forums I haven't read yet?

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In this case, i'd say it was better to repair your gun.  You weren't in a fight with high-DPM tanks, so normal track repair (unless your crew is terrible) would be fine.  The E75 already has kinda trashy handling, though, so leaving the gun broken means your shells are really going to go wild.  Definitely agree with AR_15 here - load gold and keep your gun in the fight.

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