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How to Train new players in clan


Hey guys i was wondering how i could train up my lower skill players to be at least decent. I've though about it many times and i am not sure how to either make them play better or help them understand where to go on maps or how to watch the mini map etc. I'm not the best player either and i have plenty to learn myself, but i feel like i could help the newbies at least play better than the average pubbie. How would you guys go about training someone? Go into a training room and show good positions or how to angle certain tanks?  I don't mean to come across as a dick or rude, i just know these guys could play better as i have seen them do it before. I know RDDT and MIT does training and i'm not asking you guys to reveal secrets and such, just some ideas that could help.

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This site is packed with information, from advice for complete shitters all the way to teaching purples how to be better than purple. I would say its probably a good idea to have a dig through the articles and forum threads around and link them some reading material. The ones that want to learn, will.

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6 hours ago, PityFool said:

The ones that want to learn, will.

Sums it up quite nicely.


i'm blue, but i'd like to offer my $0.02

Get on comms, or just type-chat, with them. Being able to communicate and coordinate makes a difference.

Discuss and analyze previous battles, what went right/wrong and what to pay attention to.

If you've got a tank they are struggling with that you have and are at least competent in, lead by example

In training rooms, teach them about the camo and visibility mechanics in the game. That's something a lot of pubbies never understand and are punished for it. Stuff like firing from bushes and spotting tanks isn't that obvious to random pubbies, and is quite vital during the early and late game phase

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Not a purple poster, but as Commander of one of the clans you mentioned I thought I would chime in. First and quite honestly, if your members don't want to learn and won't put in the time its all for not (like Pity and Thom said, those who want to learn, will).

Next, if you are going to do the teaching you NEED TO KNOW the material. Choose your lesson and put in the prep time to learn what you are teaching. This doesn't mean you have to be an expert, it means go and find good information about the topic (again as mentioned before, there is plenty here on wotlabs). PLEASE, PLEASE try not to put out false/bad info.

There is plenty of material to teach. Start with the basics, camo, vision, penetration. Training rooms are great to demo this stuff. You can do team tactics like moving as a group, focus fire, trading/sharing hp. Training rooms are great for this as well, heck training rooms are great resource in general to teach tank stuff. Be sure to herd the cats, you don't have to be a drill instructor, but don't let them wander off or shoot each other when you're trying to explain things to them, keep them focused.

At MIT we have training sessions that cover all the above, we have a map awareness series where we run through 1 map a night and go over how to play it in the different classes of vehicles. We occasionally do SHs so our members can experience team play (SH Win rate is un-important to us, its more for the experience and to practice what we do in training rooms) Again, everything I've listed here I have done all my prep using wotlabs and resources listed within.

If you want to talk sometime let me know (send me a PM), you can come to our TS. I'm away from the game right now due to some medical stuff but I can still talk. Always happy to see another training clan out there!!!!

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Thanks for the tips guys, i was thinking more of a 10 or so people big training room but 1v1 or 2v1 might work better. I have some ideas now thanks for the replies c: 

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Loads of articles on here, get them to watch some of the higher level streamers play. How they use terrain, bushes and tree, count shots before poking, don't poke on silly things, how they trade, positioning on the maps and how aware they are (awareness is hard to teach and comes more from experience).
To teach them break it down into smaller bit sized chunks. Use Prok to demostrate spotting, camo and double bushing when firing - they can simply hunt you down whilst you use vision and camo then review after. That could be one lesson.

Another you could do in a large group on say Himmeldorf, shot counting and armour usage/poking.

If they want to improve they will, if they don't they won't. Everyone can improve to a lesser or greater extent, some people are simply limited by ability however improvement can still be made.

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I am not purple, but I was instructor in BEPRO - War Acedemy and have some experience with mentoring. Now our students have own clan (its possible to join only after finishing BEPRO - every single member was our student). Most of them started with orange/yellow recent and even worse overall:

First of all you have to face the most important - it is IMPOSSIBLE to teach anybody to play this game. The only you can do is to show how to learn to play this game. If somebody do not want your help - dont waste your time. Its pointess. Use it for somebody, who wants to use it.

So - i believe that every single player can reach green recent (out of really special players) only if want it and have decent mentor.

Imho the best method is playing platoons with player with at least 1k recent more and is explaining whats happening. Which tier/tanks? Depends of students actual level. I would start with t-34-85 and Cromwell (or premium versions of them).

Focus on this elements:
-reactions for what happens on minimap - this is the most important
-map knowledge
-understanding role of the tank in battle - depending of tank class, map, MM (top or bottom)
-mechanics! - penetration mechanics, spotting (understanding 15m, proxy spot, spotting 445m harcap, drawing)
-prepairing tank for battle - modules, equipment, crew (what perks and how many perks on which tier they should have)

Point the biggest mistake - explain why it is mistake and how to improve. Use just finished battle as an example. After session - let the student work with it. Come back after few days and check if problem still exist. Help to eliminate it or focus on smaller mistakes.

Some of players will need time to improve. Some of them will need only few battles. I was mentor of my favorite platoon mate. He just needed few tips and just went just like that from 1800 recent to 3000.

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