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Having trouble knowing when and where to reposition and when and when not to be aggressive in general.


(I'm trying to put this in to words as best as I can, sorry if it doesn't sound clear)

I've been playing the AMX 50B a lot recently, and a lot of my deaths are due to my lack of knowledge on when and where to reposition. I know where to go in the early game, so that isn't as much of a problem. Generally after that, what I've done is follow better players who are in a similar tank to me, and it seems to work out well most of the time, as I can provide fire support from a distance. When I'm alone, however, shit hits the fan. I'm the second type of retard when it comes the two types of bad players, I'm generally too scared to lose health because I don't want to fuck it up for my team and/or do no damage. Similarly, I also don't know when it's correct to be aggressive and when to not be aggressive. If it's blatantly obvious that I have the health advantage vs another clippable tank and they have no support, then yes, I'll attack. But problems come when I also have to think about and be afraid of enemy arty, where tanks that haven't been spotted could be, where currently unspotted tanks could have moved to and the like, basically feeds in to the 'Too scared to lose health' thing. I can multitask, but generally I don't advance/relocate due to fear of the above happening to me. The main reason I have this fear is due to the fact I've been playing World of Grille 15s.

On the rare occasions I do notice, I notice too late to the point where it has nearly no effect and my team already pushed aggressively or they got steamrolled whilst I'm still sitting in cover thinking about whether to relocate or not, then seeing that I'm next to die.

I've read the "Where not to go" thread, and wanted to read Sela's map guide but the download links were broken, so I came here instead to ask. I know I have worded it poorly, because I don't know how to explain it well, and some people may misinterpret what I say. I'd provide replays as examples, but then this would just be moved in to the Tape Study thread or just be removed, which isn't my intention. 

So my questions are:

How do I know when to relocate to a better position, and where? I know that sometimes sitting there and doing nothing may be more beneficial for the team, but that's about the best I can do, and when it isn't correct, I just completely blank.

How do I know when to be aggressive outside of the number/health advantage? How can I be aggressive/passive effectively?


P.S If this is in the wrong section, sorry in advance for wasting your time.

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Relocation: You should constantly evaluate the strength of both teams at the flank you are currently at. You should always keep an eye out on the other flanks, via your minimap. If your flank is getting fucked, and you are a slow tank, you are fucked, GLHF. If you are a fast tank like 50B, GTFO. If there is a stalemate, check again. Does one team actually have a strength advantage? If the enemy does, relocate if you can, while the enemy is dumb and not pushing the advantage, so you can be useful elsewhere. If your team is stronger, try to rally for a push. Usually, if your flank has an advantage, the other flank(s) are losing. If so, cleanup asap and usually, heading back is the right choice.

Aggression: I assume from your question you know to take advantage of a 2v1 or 2kHP vs 400HP situation. Beyond that, you should keep in mind what strengths and weaknesses you have against the enemy. If you are an E5 against a small bunch of tier 8s, you can be alot more aggressive because you simply have too much armor for 99% of them, and kill with relative ease too. But do not rush alone. That is a horrible death, usually.

Actually, this is too general a question to be answered effectively. There are simply too many specific situations influenced by too many factors, for a general answer to account for. Replays would be really helpful in giving more specific advice.

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Its not much but one big thing for fights is don't expose yourself. In a fight with more than 1 person involved, shoot the one on the edge of it, that you can peek around the corner the very least to shoot. Best case scenario, its someone who isnt looking at you and you can track them. Worse case scenario you trade 1 for 1(and bounce cuase french) and they fall back after you dont track them. You have to be careful not to get greedy if you play like that though.

Someone else might be able to answer the complex stuffs :poi:

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I personally find relocating not being that much of an issue anymore. An AMX 50B has such good DPM and burst that 9/10 games I'll simply read the lineup and by map knowledge (knowing all normal chokepoints etc) and use a general play. Whether that is committing to a flank or reactive relocating depends on the map.

The trick in autoloader is being second line, but constantly move so second line keeps being viable.

Sand River for example a map that is hard to push anywhere with an autoloader alone. My normal play will simply be middle and see how it plays out from there. There's always a clips worth of damage there and to simply keep reacting to what happens around you. North is a slow flank and south is a VERY exposed one that's hard to commit to after not having gone there right from the start. 

From both sides I'd take a clip on mid, a minute will pass I'll see where my team moves and where enemy tanks pop up. 50B has an autopen APCR round so tank lineups matters less than deployments. Middle can only be supported through middle south and ideally you'll want a heavy soaking damage there so you can both commit and get out at the same time. I'd mainly just punish people trying to catch other people on reload (overextenders to punish). If I have to relocate, I do but I generally pick right 9/10 so I simply win my flank no matter deployment because proper micromanagement saves you so much HP. The other 1/10 is where I read the lineup wrong because some tanks are simply unpredictable and didn't react early enough. (Heaviums are the biggest problem, they're not hard to play and generally do well in any engagement so they can go anywhere and shift the numbers)

Relocating is also something that should be done the second you can be better off elsewhere. Ever thought "what a farm, i should have been there"? Well a 50B rarely needs more than a minute or two to shift engagements and it generally handles well in between too. 

Thing I noticed was that most players relocate way too late. Big deal that there's a clip for free when there's 3 more somewhere else. Just get to engagements in time so damage doesn't run out on you.


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If you want some general rules:

  • Use the reload time to change positions/angles. You need to be more greedy with hp on an autoloader than on any other tank.
  • The decision whether to relocate depends on a prognosis on how your flank will develop. Count tanks, take into account how situable they are for the current fighting situation (e.g.: a T32 in a hulldown spot counts more than a FCM in the same position). Is arty harassing your flank? Do your teammates seem competent (e.g.: that very same T32 being too dumb to play proper hulldown might be a terrible sign)?
  • The principle behind that choice is that you always want to play your autoloader on the flank where your team is likely to succeed. Autoloaders suck at defending since they cannot provide constant fire, whereas they excel at attacking.
  • Sometimes your team will just be too bad and lose everywhere. In those cases, you want to play a retreating action. Empty clip, run, empty clip again, run some more ... if possible. Obviously this is only possible if you pick your spots well. Even more than other tanks, autoloaders need to pick positions that offer a feasible route of retreat.
  • An even harder question than whether to relocate is whether you can initiate a push: Ideally an autoloader doesn't go first in a push. Sadly, most pubbies are eunuchs who have sold their balls to pay for a Pc II J. This puts you into a dilemma since you cannot afford to take massive damage pushing a position without severely reducing the effectiveness of an autoloading tank. Taking some damage might be acceptable if it allows you to inflict a full clip of damage but I would refrain from taking the big caliber shells unless it is a late game one-on-one situation.
  • Another question is whether to empty a full clip. With the long intraclip reloads of the AMX 50B it is often smarter to reload prematurely since exposing to long might end up in you taking unnecessary damage.
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