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NA Legionnaire Pool

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Since last patch introduced cross-clan-legionnairing I'd like to gather a few contacts for those times your skirmishparty is short a few players.
If you like to get spammed with invites leave your name and tiers you're willing to play here.

<- 6/8/10

edit: Created in-game-channel for more convenience: Wotlabs Legionnaires, PW: Never

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Sounds good in theory, especially for so called training clans.


However, as implemented it is exploitable and that will end up creating issues...


"However, it was made so that if Clan A had a member of their clan in Clan B's detachment, Clan A and Clan B could not fight each other."


"To be able to influence who you play against by adjusting your roster with legionaries is ludicrous."




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I'm down for any tier. 

Also, @Vetro created a channel named "Strongholds" that some other people are in/are aware of. I'd recommend joining that as well. 

I certainly agree with @Kolni though. It's certainly enjoyable to play with a multitude of clans, but less so when 1) you don't benefit from credit bonuses that they pop and 2) personal reserves still don't fucking work with strongholds. 

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