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Mouse sensitivity and FOV

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27 minutes ago, X3N4 said:

FOV 120, one swipe with my mouse across my pad (45cm) is a 270° turn in the game.

Yeah, I only had to get used to it so I started with 105. Playing on 120° now :doge:

Thank you all really much for your help! I'm hitting way more shots now and the game is much more enjoyable to play.

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17 hours ago, _EXODUZ_ said:

I don't get low sensitivity mouse settings. Mouse itself is 1200 and in game it's like that:


Should I really try to lower it down? Feels so slow, to be honest.

It's definitely good (as suggested before) to have the sensitivity identical for arcade and sniper for smoother transitions.

The lower sensitivity really helped me, it's just a matter of getting used to it. What might be the case though, is that your sensitivity is relatively low in your OS or mouse software settings anyways and you don't need to lower it as much in game.


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