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Civilization 6: 8 hours later 238 turns in

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Biggest gripes with the game so far:

1) UI just take a look around Reddit or the Civ fanatics site and you'll see what I mean. The game is playable and enjoyable, but the UI spoils it.

2) Spying is broken as fuck. It's literal terrorism the way French spies can just walk all over your cities and destroy what they can in under 10 turns. On top of that you have to reset your spy EVERY TURN to counter spy in a given city. Why cant I just camp my level 3 spy in my commerce district?

3) 1UPT So there's a unit maintenance modifier you get really early on in the game and the AI abuses this so hard infact that it's probably the sole reason why the game struggles mid to late game in turn time. It does get weaker as time goes on, but the AI just shits out units and since they cheat they dont get deleted either. So your pop 7 capital and pop 5 cities can shit out spearmen among other units EVERY TURN AND 0 UNIT UPKEEP with this modifier because it subtracts 1 gold for every unit. 


Fireaxis has their work cut out for them in terms of the UI first and foremost, but the mod community even right now is coming to the rescue on sites like Civ Fanatics. The UI needs less tool tips with paragraphs of information and more of something like this:


I really like this suggestion

also @Folterknecht Nelson's i7-6950X was even struggling slightly at the end game for the sheer amount of units needed to move around.

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Civ 1 was so revolutionary that it just can't be overstated.  

CIV 4 to me is still great.  The modding community also did the game great service.

CIV 5 I just didn't like.  It just got away from what made the series great.


I like the way this game looks.  I will wait until it settles down a little and the Steam Christmas sale hits, I will meander through No Man's Sky until then.

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On 10/21/2016 at 3:07 PM, Smbakeresq said:

I am so old I was essentially a free play tester for CIV1 when at Johns Hopkins and Microprose was right up the street. 

Played every version but CIV5, so I guess will take the plunge again, it sound worth it.

Holy shit.  That would have been fun.  I played toooooooooooons of Civ1 when it first came out.  Addicted to it.

Man, what's with all the Civ V hate?  I liked it better than IV, to be honest.  I despised seeing the AI wander around with absurd Stacks of Doom and knowing I was going to have to counter it with a zillion units of my own.

I also liked the Policy/Ideology system and religion was better handled than it was in Civ IV.

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