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Lt vz. 38 Tier 3 Czech Light with auto-loader

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I have played just a few games in this Tier 3 Tank and been impressed as the auto-loader makes this tank work , fast reload ( 6 seconds ) and nice and accurate at distance .

It's the best of the guns available although the average AP damage is only 40.

It works ok in a tier 5 match as a passive scout but you'll be looking for flanking shots 

The upgraded turret which you need to mount the auto-loader gives better armour than stock and makes hull-down positions viable .

Overall, fully upgraded it's a fun little tank. Of all the tier 3 tanks I've played, this is not too bad , but I still think the Cruiser IV is the best Tier 3 Light tank .

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It does a good job of penetrating tier 5 with gold (AP is very decent, too), and it murders tier 2 nicely if they do not aim at you, or mistake you with tier 2 (similar name).

But there are so many tier 3 tanks that have armor that actually works when top tier - like T-127, it absolutely murders tier 2.

And in tier 5 you are just lunch, anyway.

Best or 2nd best tier 3 is still shitty tank. But T-127 is better than this one for the sole reason of sealclubbing at its finest.

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On 10/22/2016 at 1:56 PM, Jesse_the_Scout said:

Tier 3 is unplayable. That's pretty much that.

Not really


Also how does this tank compare to pz.38t? I really loved my pz.38t and got like 600 matches in it with a 600~ dpg 68%wr (back when I was a shitnoob).

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from memory ,

as I have not played the 38t for 2 years ( when I re-bought it and Ace'd it ) - its a little slower than the 38t , but the Czech gun is just as accurate at range

so about equal , and if you add in equal crews , i'd say both are fine scouts - so 50/50 approx.

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