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Tier 3 SPG T-18 HMC

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I thought i would pen a few lines about the new USA Tier 3 SPG . the T18 HMC, the T18 replacement in World of Tanks.

as I know how much this forum . loves artillery

so what's it like to play ? its not too bad at Tier 3 and 4 , but in tier 5 games you need flank shots or deck shots to do any damage - you also need a bit of luck as well as

frankly you struggle to hurt tier 5's -I would also forget using HEAT shells

as they never seemed to penetrate a Tier 5 or just track them , I only carried 1 shell of HEAT , the mobility is okay , but the traverse is bad , if you face an enemy scout head-on and miss

your auto-aim shot , you're dead when they flank you as its so slow to turn

The Gun is accurate and fast firing , and I found it better than the awful T1 HMC gun , surprisingly . The gun arc is also pretty good with a nice wide field of fire

I am glad to ' Ace ' this SPG as it was a pain if I was in a Tier 5 game , luckily the MM gave me Tier 3 and 4 opponents for this game shown here

enjoy !!

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The T18 HMC is just a tank you get through to play the better US SPGs (M53/M55, M44).

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I owned up to that mistake , comrade in my video ( and highlighted in yellow )

I am always happy to admit to a dumb mistake , trouble was the ally valentine hadn't a clue to damage the enemy Valentine

and sad to say , I was trying to save him , but at long range with an arty , I shouldn't have tried to do that till he was dead - lesson re-learnt ..

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Why do you care about low tiers but especially low tier arty ?

- the answer is arties , that they are fun , and can be tricky as the low tier tanks can be fast and difficult to hit

so its good arty training - and also its nice to pick up an " Ace Tanker " at any tier , for me , from T1 to T 10 -

another reason is its a dirt cheap and easy way to train up a new crew for later use higher up in the tiers

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8 hours ago, TheMarine0341 said:

I miss the tier 2 T18. Now THAT was a fun tank


3 hours ago, leggasiini said:

fun at others expense

Removing it was one of the best decisions WG ever made. It was impossible to be dealt with using normal ammo on most tanks (except 2-pounders), and seals grind many lines at once - thus staying into tier 2 longer than older players remember. When I was a total noob I also used tier 2 to grind credits (before i owned good tier 5s).

It is so much easier to play autocannons right ow, and i like them to relax (and apparently does the play 4 fun division). I never liked the vision meta to tell the truth - Cruiser III or GTFO. I like the current vision meta in tiers 4-6/7, but tier 2 was just boring sealclubbing at autopilot: binos, camo net, egld,or optics+vents= bush camp. Preferred it with pom-pom even then.

But they removed too many maps for tier 2. What is wrong with maps like Ensk, Widepark, etc? Ensk is more suitable to tier 2 than 10 for sure.

Also, maps starting at tier 8 could be played at tier 7, too. Sometimes much better with no tier 10 arty.


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1 hour ago, TheMarine0341 said:

Not saying it was the wrong thing to do in removing it. Tank was f*ing retarded. 

It was just stupid fun!

Well, in a broken way it was.

But it was annoying to play it, too. Slow traverse and lack of view range was rather limiting, and Cruiser III could punch it from range  with 2 pd - unspotted. Pom pom also made short work of it, in close ranges.

Great on Himmelsdorf in not rushed/flanked/tracked repeatedly. rather situational on many maps.

Its non-derp gun was actually more versatile, but less fun. 

It was OP in platoons. Also annoying was to fight hordes of other T18 - there its gun (also 2 pd i think) could kill derp T18 faster unless lucky shot.

Basically a seal clubber at its finest, the worse enemy players were, and shittier tank/loadout they carried, more OP.

Cruiser 3 at least could be killed with anything if caught close.

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