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Tips for the 215b?


The title has my question. I recently purchased the FV215b and have been doing terrible with it. I had the same problem with the IS-7 at first, and have slowly been improving in it, but it seems Tier X heavies just aren't my thing. I LOVE and do pretty well in my Conqueror, which practically is the same as the 215 other than the 215b having it's rear-mounted turret.


I'm just looking for some tips on improving my gameplay in this tank.

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215B is a ambusher/pusher/sniper

What this means is that its pure shit in any stalemate situations, any time where you are forced to stop and trade hits while being lit is a bad idea, any time where your opponent could anticipate you is a bad idea.

Ideally you want to be in/create the below situations.

A) Enemy is in the open with no cover to back up to.

B) Enemy cannot spot you.

C) Enemy cannot create crossfire against your push.


A and B are basically what you would do as an autoloader, the idea is that if the enemy knows you are in a location, the thought of a 215B would likely thoroughly discourage any aggressive action from them, which is bad for you since you want to be dealing damage, but if he is in the open already, even if he pens you every shot, you would still have a favorable trade due to your superior DPM and health pool.

C) is because 215B with its good accuracy on the move and apcr, is actually quite good at suppressing a single location even on the move, but due to its poor side armor, any crossfire from the enemy, even from a tier 8 have a potential to completely destroy you.


215B is quite similar to 113, despite being a heavy with some armor and good health/dpm, they simply cannot play like a conventional heavy due to the shape of their tank, ambush is the only way you'll get consistent damage, and if the enemy is fortified, sniping it out is often a far better idea than trying to force out a good defence.

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just a few things of note

-your turret ring provides a large weakspot on the side of your hull so attempting to sidescrape against a half competent player is going to result in you getting shit on

-when hull down, wiggle and waggle around as much as you can. Your turret is good but riddled with weak points

-do not fuck with (loaded) tier 10 tank destroyers. they will pen you almost every time regardless of where they hit you.

-expose your lower frontal plate as little as possible, its kindling and gasoline waiting for a spark.

-never ever corner normally even against tier 8s, treat it like a tank destroyer when going around corners 

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This game shows you all you need to know about the FV215b and the best way to play it

equipment , gun rammer , vents and vertical stabiliser - this is the most important one to fit rather than spall liner

, and above all , side-scrape and angle that hull , and never expose the lower frontal hull if you can frontally -

try to get hull down and use that amazing turret armour and great gun ( with Bia its a beast )

don't be afraid on a Tier 10 opponent of firing APCR liberally ,also get into the habit of reversing with your turret first round a corner

to make sure there is no enemy ready to perma-track you , and your turret is hidden by an wall

hope this helps ??

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the apcr really really improves the already good ap penetration to god level, which means its ridiculously easy to brawl with e100s, as well as when sniping at ranges

The turret is no where as good as the conq as it is not yet HD, so i find when fighting against conqs you have to often load apcr for them while they can kind of pen yours rather easily, so i would suggest rocking back and forth when you are hulldown, and try your best to be higher up so the angle is harder for them to pen. For example on malinovka on the hull, if possible try to force them to b0/a9 (depending on if you are north or south) so they have to shoot up at you

Sidescraping can work sometimes but don't count on it, people who know how to pen will go through most of the time.

I'll leave further advice to better players :D 

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