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Looking for 5th campaign Clan, 1980 overal 2440 recent

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just dropped tags after almost 2 years with my clan... I was a combat officer (whatever that means? lol)... but the clan has pretty much died outside of a few people to platoon with... with the possibility of winning a dank tank... it's time to move on and see where I can fit in...


done a good bit of tourney play... 1% winner of GF tourney in 2015, top 5% I think it was this year (won the 13 57 twice)... and more recently a 122-44 from whatever tourney it was... I have only played a few battles in CW (clan was never really set up for it.


what I'm looking for right now... a clan to do the 5th campaign with... ideally one that has done others, done well, and won tanks in the past... I don't really want to hang out for CW after (lot of work for little reward) but if you guys are into stronks and an overall fun platoon group I would even consider staying and making some long term friends...


what I offer...


"mature" (aka old... mid/late 30s)

my time... if I say I'll be there... I'll be there.

have mic... have TS and mumble, can DL whatever software the clan uses.

my bad sense of humor?

decent and consistent (near plateaued?) stats



clip of wotlabs right before I started writing this post...  I will add... I was out of town for about a week this last month... usually I'd have more games played for the month...




I have lots of tanks... and a lot more I could buy back and move crews into if absolutely needed... although I am kinda gold shy right now so moving crews... I'm primarily a MT and scout player but do ok in HT... TD I'm pretty meh...


tanks I have...


- t37

- bromwell (5 skill crew)

- kv-85

- type 64 (4 skill crew)

- skoda t 25

plus tanks prob pointless to mention for competitive but I will anyway m44, dicker, su100, su100y, tog II, bert, skoda t-40



- RU 251 (3 skill

- t54lw (3 skill

- amx 13 90 (3 skill

- wz 132 (4 skill crew)

- obj 416

- is3

- amx 50 100 (near 4 skill crew)

pointless but t-44-100, mutz, jt88, t28 prot, t54 prot, cdc, fcm 50t, t34-3, wz111, t49


tier 10... 3 skill crew min.

- t110e5

- e100

- obj 140

- CAX (5 skill crew)

- batchat (5 skill crew)

- amx 50b (4 skill crew)

- stb1


researched with good crews ready to move into them and enough credits to buy 2...

- 113

- t62a

- m48 patton

- amx 30b

- 121


can have these researched/bought before event starts... 

30k xp from is-7

100k from tvp 50/51


hit me up in game or PM me here, or even post in this thread...


thanks guys


aka donalson

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