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Need help for improvement. Thick skinned and ready to learn.

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Per PityFool's recommendation...

Make a thread down in the looking for platoons section, describe that you're willing to take some bashing for your mistakes and I'm sure you'll get some people willing to play with you. 

I'm looking for a few willing players to platoon with who can provide some feedback and help me be a better tanker.  (I have TS3.)  It seems that I can do quite well in some games and then absolutely suck in others.  The feedback for why this is so is that I'm not consistently able to properly read the map or a particular situation and make the right choice of reactive action.  I can agree with this assessment.

What I presumably need then, is 'live' help in-game to make better choices - with accompanying realtime discussion as to the thought process for that action.

Here's a link to some of my replays:  http://wotreplays.com/uploader/Mountain_Raider/id/579542

I'm typically on the NA West server.  The NA East server also works, but the ping is generally much worse.  Play time is fairly flexible.  If you're willing to toon up, I'll do what I can to be convenient to your schedule.

Abuse me.  Let me be your verbal punching bag.  I'll happily take it if it results in me getting better.

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I play on NA East from 12:00 to around 4:00 pm (EST) during weekdays. I might not be exactly what you're looking for in a platoon mate, but if you see me in-game, feel free to send an invite, and I'll point out whatever I think you might be doing wrong. 

Snap shot though, I'm willing to bet that you play too aggressively or passively if you're having wildly inconsistent gaming sessions. I can pull 3k wn8 and 70% WR solo sessions, but I often end up wrecking the stat improvements with a tilt session. I also tend to play extremely aggressive, and it's those extremes that lead to great sessions or crap sessions depending on RNG and tilt and so on.

Even if we don't see each other in-game, here's a tip. If you've ever learned to drive and got your license, you probably had to drive with an instructor in the passenger seat, listening while you narrate your driving. "Oh hey, I'm at a stop sign now, so I'm going to apply the brakes, look both ways, then pull out into the right lane. There's a car coming in the left lane, but he shouldn't bother us and isn't signalling." Shit like that.

Now, the tie-in: Do that as you play. Oftentimes you'll fall into a state of reacting without thinking CONSCIOUSLY about what you're doing, and narrating aloud, or in your head, forces you to THINK about what you're doing and why.

Just my two cents, all that.

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I would be down for reg 8s and 9s, I don't use TS at all, but can give feedback and such. Shoot me a friend request in game, I am in the EU though, so I'm on at odd times.

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