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Ruuhkis random games, making a comeback.

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I have a feeling that I've reached the point where I can't improve anymore without outside help so here it goes. All 3 games are played in a row, didn't try to impress or anything. I wasn't trying to prove anything but just play my way. I would really love some feedback, I just put my helmet on so incoming critic won't hurt too much...

1st game. This went pretty well on my stantards, not sure what I could have done better. Aiming was terrible but acceptable I think.


2nd game. Got bit lost there. Maybe the opening position wasn't that good after all but I think I relocated in time. Didn't too much and autoaim on that IS-3... Oh no, never ever again.


3rd game. This is a bit frustrating. I got myself to position where  A: I Couldn't affect the game or B: Couldn't relocate. Also made really bad trades with opponents Type 59... This is where I would really need some advice. I think that best would have been just to pick better opening position but if we leave that out what else? Better micropositioning against Type, try to run away..?


So, feel free to make me a better player!

Thanks for watching!



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I watched the second one cuz thats where you did the least dmg ergo most to improve at.

1) You are extremely passive in that battle. Saving HP is good but you need to do it in the frontlines, otherwise there is no much point in having HP. You wait too long for ow % shots to maybe open up. (ex. you waited like 10ish sec for 60hp t44-100 to MAYBE go back and expose himself to you)

2) You spent first 3 mins doing nothing. You waited for TDs to get lit up on that hill even tho there was noone to actualy spot them for you. And even when you shot in that t25/2 you didnt get lit yourself which would indicate that there are no tds there. Meanwhile cdc and t44-100 won the northern flank (frankly they won the game). 

3) It was a good decision to not push south later in the game simply becouse they were dig in too hard. So you decided to help the north push. Which is good. But again you played waaay to passive for the game that was basicly won. This is the part of the game where you actualy spend hp you conserved in the beggining and mid part of the battle. 

4) That autoaim on is3 is just...ugh... Always use manual aim as much as possible. If you aimed manualy you would have been able to track him and kill him without your arty getting that dmg. Also you would have had time to put 2 shots into sp instead of 1. Maybe even 1 shot into arty.


My suggestion would be to watch some streamers and figure out opening moves. Force yourself to fight in the frontlines while still preserving your hp. 

P.S. i dont have type but just by the looks of it you are not snapshotting enough. Doesnt hurt to take a few low % shots. Even if you miss unaimed shot you still have time to put in 1 aimed shot. And if you do hit, all the better.

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Thanks Grinch!

That No2. point about getting lit didn't even get into my mind. Thanks for tips!

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Thanks Marine!

I'm at work so can't watch those right now but one thing is clear for me right away. You do shoot over two times more than me. Will watch those replays ASAP with great intrest, thanks for sharing.

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12 hours ago, Gr1nch_1 said:


P.S. i dont have type but just by the looks of it you are not snapshotting enough. Doesnt hurt to take a few low % shots. Even if you miss unaimed shot you still have time to put in 1 aimed shot. And if you do hit, all the better.

snapshotting in a Type 59 :serb: 



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have a few moments, so I'll see what I can scare up (going to watch double speed):

1st, Consumables: Double reps is very meh. Im running small med, small rep, and auto. Some would drop auto for food. 
What is your equipment?
I run VStab, Vents, and Rammer

Siegfried Line: Not stuck in the fight enough, and it looks like you're zooming out the INSTANT you fire. The Hype needs a slower hand, stay zoomed in w/ the proper lead til AFTER the round leaves your gun barrel. 

Conway Twitty will explain it much better than I

Arctic Region
Exceptionally passive play. You're sitting and waiting for 1-hit tanks to appear before you, while they're being rushed by 3 other tanks. You setup to snipe in one of the worst RNG dependent MTs in the tier. You would have been better off rushing north and getting up under at B4, then working from there. Its somewhat art resilient, and as fast as that battle was it wouldnt have mattered they were in the game. 

Here's Seether to help explain the aggressive mentality needed

And now, Ensk
Awww MAN, you SHOULD have gone city. No ifs, ands, or butts. You would have face f*ed them, shit in their graves and laughed all the way to the bank. You didn't time the opposites Type 59's shots to steal some damage from him. You got stuck, and it sucked. And, its a sad sad song


So the TLDR: Drive and position like a bat out of hell, aim with a slow and steady hand, dont be sad!

Oh, and b/c I said bat out of hell: 


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Watched Marines replays, thanks for sharing!

Like I noticed, you really do burn some gunpowder with that tank! Made a few notes to myself, let's see if I can improve.

- Shoot more, even on odd/unsure situations.

- Get some balls, get into frontline without being yolo. This will be difficult I suppose, the yolo part.

- Stay in action, time wasted waiting something too long is DPM wasted and will give the opponent rule the pace of the game. Make them react to you, not the other way around.

- Stay more aware of minimap.

As what comes to my equipment, rammer, vents and vstab. I used to ran food instead of large kit. Crew is on their 4th skill so they're good on my scale. Gonna play some games and then pick random 3 to be evaluated.

Also, have my +1 for that Meatloaf video!

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The story continues...

1st game. I should have listened the wise words of Meatloaf. Getting hit by one arty barrage is somewhat possible but standing still waiting for 2nd barrage is plain stupid. On the bright side I pushed in frontline and forced, for my part, opponent to flee. Getting killed in the end was most stupid thing ever.


2nd game. I'm bit proud of this game. I feel that I actually made a difference and was aggressive enough to force opponent back. After we had cleaned west side of the map I kinda... Lost the drive? I just let others do the job.


3rd game. Disaster... Only good thing about this is that I even managed to get shots. This needs more studying. I think my positioning was good enough to make a difference but I just traded badly and in the end exposed myself when hunting an easy kill.



And then few "bonusrounds". I haven't watched these replays myself yet but I felt ok when playing these. Reacted fast enough to relocate in time and generally enjoyed playing.



As a funny note, I still can't see myself zooming out that fast while playing. Generally I feel happy with these games compared to those in my topic opening post. I even had a feeling in few games that I made some slight carrying! I still shoot way too little compared to you guys but I feel I'm progressing a bit.

Bracing for impact...

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Today's fun in Himmelsdorf...



Sometimes you win, sometime nothing seems to be enough...

Also changed topics title for all my games.

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So, I'm turning my focus more and more to T10 games with Russian meds.



Seems like biggest impact on my performance has been "controlled" aggression and paying more and more attention to minimap and general situational awareness. I do have terrible stats on this tank so it will be fun to see where and when they start to improve. Feedback is still welcomed.

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The story continues. I'm playing mostly with T10 Russian meds now and have managed to get some good games. I've been collecting some numbers about my games compared to maps to get info where I suck most , seems like some maps are always easy to play and some just aren't... But more on that later when I get more games. Here are 3 examples, played in a row, of my current performance. All kind of advices, tips and tricks are highly welcomed.

1st. Ruinberg.


North spawn, pretty straightforward opening moves and OK'ish game. I did take unnecessary hits from Prot. Also didn't realize that I can get shots to that IS-3 from a window first. And that E5, hard target for me. And where did that first shot at T49 go?

2nd. Stalingrad.


North spawn. This map is a mess, I hate it. I have no idea how I should play it. I think you can see that I had no plan whatsoever at the beginning. That Grille got free shot at me and I just drove in front of an autoloader... GG. (sarcasm, you know?) I could have joined the other flank in the beginning but not sure what I could have achieved there. My luck was that only few enemies were on my flank I suppose.

3rd. Highway.


North spawn. Once again pretty straightforward and normal opening from me. After we had secured the field I just tried to keep track on that 907 and give him as much support I can. Took few unnecessary hits, again, and missed some shots. in the end I just tried to farm some dmg out of that Jagdtiger since time was short.

So, here we are, any improvements or comments? Specially on that Stalingrad I could use some help. And I still can't see me zooming out that fast in the game, half of my shots seems like snapshots in replays. 

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After grinding Swedish TD's I decided to do some crew training with T-62A...


1. Good start for a day. After getting Batchat I got bit confused what to do but until then it was a good game by me, can't really figure what I should have done fifferendly.


2. This game was odd... I got some nice free shots in the beginning and all looked good. After our flank collapsed in 11 min mark I should have bailed out from there... But game was 7-4 to us and I choose to buy time to team and stay. I already noticed that my ability to find good spots to shoot because of lack of gundepression is costing me and in the end, that and my lack of situational awareness killed me. Did I screw up because of my decision to stay?


3. The trend continues. For my part I played badly. I should have gone faster to help our E5 I suppose. Then I messed up with AP/HEAT and ended up shooting non damage shots. Any toughts?


4. This was a win but I had no part in it. I took hits from AMX in the first place and didn't make any in return. Then I completely missed shots that were fully aimed against him. And when finally noticed E100 and Type 4 Heavy yoloed against them. Question, when in med that lacks gundepression is it even worth going to middle ditch?


5. Another prove that I suck. Took position where I tought I can do something... And failed. Basically got executed for nothing.


6. Pilsen, my favourite... Not. In the end I might have been more agressive, specially when the E5's rushed I could have followed them. Can someone explain me how did that RU251 survive from what looked like direct arty hit?


7. This game... I did OK'ish damage but that gundepression got me again. I also should have bail out when flank was gone I suppose. I think it was winnable as a team. 268 sat in the corner for sure but that Obj.140 got me wondering... When you unicums play do you play to win or to farm dmg? I'm just wondering could he have done dmg where it counts more, like resetting cap?


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Some Strv.S1 action:


My first Ace Tanker with this machine, and nice profit too.


Fun game with Mr.McKiipeli, Strv. S1 platooning was fun! And as a bonus his view of the game:


Enjoy and comment, that makes me a better player!

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My first ever Radley-Walters medal. I almost feel sorry for that arty... Almost.


And Ensk with Strv S1, slowly getting some damage in this map/tank combo. 


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After the game enemy 50B opens PM:

 cookiemonster66 (0:18:39) impressive aimbot...recording too support and Quickybaby

Ruuhkis (0:19:15) Be my quest. I can download it too for my channel. Look for Ruuhkis Gaming.

Ruuhkis (0:19:24) You might learn something...

cookiemonster66 (0:19:31) grille cant hit me fully aimed and you snap in 4 shots...i dont think so...even a reroll aint that good

cookiemonster66 (0:19:41) i did learn something...your a cheat

Ruuhkis  (0:19:46) I can share a replay if you like.

Ruuhkis (0:20:03) I play vanilla, no mods of anykind.

cookiemonster66 (0:20:19) dont bother...my replay is enough...iv never seen any 103...snap like that while moving and turning

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So, after some idling I'm making a comeback to the game. Had a nice game with Leo but in the end I died... Was I too greedy when going into the "pit" or should I have stayed there instead of trying to retreat?


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