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Grille 15 analysis and suggestions

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A Grille 15 replay for analysis and comments.

Highlight of this battle is I was up against Gasai Yuno.

We won. I think my one big mistake (possibly due to reflexes) was being out twitched by a BatChat that I had lined up for rounding a corner.



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4 hours ago, Pompous_Magnus said:


^^^This is my recap of the game take it how you will.  1/10 for not killing chaiTuno

Thank you. Yeah, I really failed on the BC, I put it down to reflexes, I knew he was coming, and thought I was lined up well.

I understand your point on being in the open and pushing, but I tend to get to my "first shot" spots quickly due to speed, and try to do a high alpha hit on someone, hopefully to demoralize them.

I try to be more mobile instead of snipey, but I do appreciate the input.

Agreed I failed in killing GY, I succumbed to the BC in the most embarrassing way, I was working my way over to GY, and hoping to bag him . . . I was probably a little jacked up.



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