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New timesink, need friends

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Decided to make WoWS my new time sink game, as I'm thoroughly enjoying it, much more so than I ever did WoT or AW. Unfortunately, most of my friends list consists of players from WoT that haven't played since CBT. So, I need some div mates. I'm not picky about skill, I'm not epic myself. I am picky about tiers, however. I do not play below tier 6, and prefer tier 8+. I'm on EST but work 2nd shift so am not usually on until around midnight. Add me if you like, hopefully I can stop soloing 99% of my matches. IGN is Ye_Olde_Derps

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I play with a few friends quite often, im usually playing it during the day my time, and playing tanks in the evening. (which should be around prime time for you)


hit me up if you want, Asassian7, same as in tanks, obviously. 

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