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T57 Tips


Hey guys i have a question for the T57

So far over the course of almost 200 battles in it i absolutely love that tank to death but 

I have a hard time playing consistently and keeping up my overall damage in the tank

Do you guys have any tips that could help me improve my gameplay in that tank

Here is a replay i had uploaded already


In the start i know i messed up facing the BC and i got bogged down worrying about arty and middle too much

Once i killed the TVP i saw the other side was screwed so i decided to go across mid when i shouldn't have crossed directly like that 

wasted abit of ammo

1 clip on the JP and 1 heat clip on the jap heavy 

i didnt really know the weak points on that heavy but i learned it after that battle

other then that i think i did ok

I will upload another replay to show a different battle once im on my computer

Feel free to correct me though

Here is the other replay from earlier today


In this battle i know i really messed up crossing and i lost half my HP for it (most likely lost because of that)

Should have also capped but i thought the amx would have but thats my fault for assuming

Other then that i dont know what else i could have changed

once again feel free to correct me 

Many thanks in advance 

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