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LFC 2550/ 3250

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Hey guys, so I am looking to join a top level clan for CW, SH and the campaign. I am aware the campaign is currently under way, so I am sorry about the timing. But I have the following CW/SH relevant tanks:

-Cromwell B (1300 avg dmg)

-RU 251 (1400)

-T54 LW (1400)

-Batchat 25t (3000)

-Obj 140 (2800)

-T62A (2900)

If you chech out my stats on dpgwhores, you will see since I came back to the game, my T10 avg dmg is 3100, 3000 and 3400 respectively.

So If you look at my stats on wotlabs, you will see that I have the same number of battles for my 1 week, 1 month and 2 month brackets. That's because I was unable to to play tanks for a while, but I have come back in the last week, and if you look at my 7 day, it is on par with my recent stats so that 3250 wn8 is accurate for my current level of play. 

I have ts3 and a mic, and I am available for clan activities 8-12EST 4-5 days a week.

You can pm me in game if that's easier for you. IGN :Blue_Blade



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