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[NA] SmyleeRage's University Of Tanking (December 3rd/4th first class)

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 SmyleeRage's University Of Tanking!

What is SmyleeRage's University of tanking?

This is a course I've decided to remake that I did in the past when I first started coaching over two years ago, I as a coach have improved Immensely when it comes to my teaching methods & explanations so I felt now was the time to do this again. I will also have Guest Teachers (Unicums) to help me with these classes and also to add another point of view.

What you need to know!

  • These classes will be 2 hours long and held on weekends every 2-4 weeks (depending on how many sign up)
  • Each class will cost $2 "$1 an hour" and the payment will be through paypal during the check in 15 mins before the class starts
  • Come with at least 1 tier 8 & tier 10(optional) fully crewed & equipped the way you like
  • The classes Voice communications will be on the Wotlabs: Teamspeak

What does a 2 hour session look like?

  • Payment/Roll call
  • Start with Questions on any tanking subject (Meet 'n Greets) 
  • We will go over screenshots of tank compositions and work out where your Ally/enemy would go on the map with (Stratsketch) what the weakness and strength of your team is combined with map side and where you should go taking all of this into consideration & tips on situational awareness Tank/Crew setup etc
  • Question Time
  • Work with stratsketch on new/difficult maps "positioning/Crossfire/Choke Points"
  • Question Time
  • 1-3 simulated matches
  • AAR (After Action Review, for the first 1-3 matches) "what went wrong what people can improve on etc" 
  • Question Time
  • Goodbye's 

How will a simulated match work?

Once everyone is in and ready to go, I will place people similar to match maker on either team 1 or team 2, so one team would not be stacked with any particular type of tank, or so one team does not get all auto-loaders and the other gets none. You will then be let loose on each other to play as you see fit so that I can watch and find the flaws to address them afterwards. Also allowing me to see things from an angle you can not, so that you can become conscious of a particular bad habit that you did not realize you had.


What does an After Action Review consist of?

As it says, after the dust settles I will discuss the battles, listen to you talk about your particular issues with the way the fights went and address them and tell you what I saw from an outside view. As well as show you (via StratSketch), things you may have missed such as an opportunity to push a weak point, a flank you could have seen coming etc. Also there will be peer review going on at the same time, to hear from your teammates about things they saw from their point of view that you may have missed or did not know you were doing in a polite and respectful manner.


School Rules:

  • Treat everyone with respect
  • You will be banned if you break the first rule
  • Come ready to learn
  • Come ready to tank it up or suffer the wrath of peer ridicule (as long as it does not break the first rule)
  • Be intelligent and thoughtful with your remarks during peer review.
  • Listen
  • Do not be intoxicated to the point of being unable to play
  • Have fun!

Why should I want to take this group lesson? whats in it for me?

Because you want to improve! regardless of where you are now, you know you want to be better or you wouldn't even be this far down the post and that is something to be proud of. You want to make more of an impact on your team, or you are hitting a plateau which you're stuck at and trying to figure out what will get you up to the next one, or to reach a personal goal you are setting for yourself. All of these are good reasons and I'm the guy to come to get that help I've been one on one coaching for over two years and I now feel I'm skilled enough to offer you guys that don't have $15+ dollars to spend on me something to learn and improve on, Just try it once I guarantee you won't regret it.



Class Dates & Start Time:       December 3rd 2pm PST       &     December 4th 10:45am PST

In order to get the maximum number of students I have made both Saturday and Sunday available to sign up for those of you that can make it to both please sign up for both so I can see how many people can make it to each day! that being said if a day is picked you will be notified Via email and if you have any questions about this or concerns feel free to message me.


  • 15 players sign up for both the 3rd and 4th
  • 5 sign up only for the 3rd "not counting the 15 the signed up for both"
  • 13 sign up only for the 4th "not counting the 15 that signed up for both"
  • 17 players for the 3rd
  • 28 players for the 4th

Spread the word even if you don't want to take these lessons maybe a friend would like too and maybe you have a friend that you know needs it pm me and pay for him in advance and help a friend out with his tanking skills! 






Have any questions? Feel free to pm me and I'll get back to you ASAP



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cool stuff! I am more of an evening East Coaster, but appreciate you doing this.

Plus, you were one of my major go-to point makers for Fantasy League!!!

Thanks, Smylee!

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