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Aspiring noob's roast thread.

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Hello everyone!

As I commented when I introducted myself to the community, one of my main goals of joining WotLabs is to receive feedback on how to improve my gameplay. I also said that I would be showing my best replays, because what I want is good players to tell me how to squeeze the extra out of a game. I already know what I do wrong when I have terrible games, obvious is obvious, so I would be thankful is you folks focused on the "what could have I done in order to do extra damage and exploit the different opportunities that I had during the game, which I was not aware of" thing.

Anyway, enough rambling, here are my best* two recent games:



*not actually the best, I also have a tiger 2 game which is better stats wise, but has really nothing fancy about it.

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13 57 game:

-00:30 to 00:00: Stop being stupid with the mouse. Zoom out as far as you can, swivel, wait....think. Too much stupids. I don't even...you can just use tab to see lineups and it's more useful to consider them in comparison to opposition. The only reason to look at your team in spawns is to see if anyone has spawned stupidly...

00:00-00:10 ...Or if turrets of tanks you want to support you are obviously heading elsewhere, or if you're alone. Mostly the mini-map tells you what you need to know.

to 00:30 Zoom out more. You can't see tanks overtaking you or moving behind you, Take an early shot on the M41 90 GF. If you hit him he dies faster, if you don't he can put a 100+ pen 320 DMG HE shell in, which can high roll you for ~45% of your health. As it is you nearly eat a shell from the T49 - only the fact that he's a cripplingly bad shot saves your life here. You are really late to the hill - if you're zoomed out as far as you can b

00:35 - Why do you turn right? If the T49 hadn't got the derp on it it could've smashed you here, and I don't think you were aware which gun it had.

00:40 there's no need to ram him - drive better! Reload if the hill is clear and you don't want to get spots/shots straight away.

1.00-1.30 - You waste a lot of time here. If you get spots then spot them on a pass, don't stop to peek where T9 guns could potentially be looking at your face. Instead you're better off spotting the back field or the hill, especially given that arty is unspotted.

1.45 - Your binocs kick in for one of the only times in the whole game, only you spot nothing new because you're next to a big wall of rock.

2:00 - Always track if you have un-spotted shots on a non-moving target, then T him up for arty. I prefer aiming for side turret (160mm flat) or the space just below the 'mudguard' (160mm, no spaced armour to randomly shelling the 40mm tracks + 120mm sides as it'll eat a lot of shells from smaller guns. 

2:40 - Are you stupid? I assume not, but why do you let the O-Ho shoot you? I suspect you got greedy. You're not taking the track shot you have on - always force people to burn a rep kit or two when arty is on your side, or even if not - TD's etc value shooting at a target that is forced to endure additional unplanned exposure time, and your MoE %'s will go up.

3.00 - M 41 90 GF does what you could've done - spots the arty and gets him immediately killed. Until this point you're open to dying to arty.

3.15 - While you're focusing on feasting off low tier heavies, the 275hp Type 64 makes it through to our arty and kills him. One track shot or 2-3 damaging shots and he'd gave gone out like a light, and arty could've continued hitting stuff

3:30 - You're an idiot and deserve to die. You're micro-focusing and can stay zoomed out - even with the poor gun handling of the 13 75 you should be able to hit the arse of a Tier 7 heavy at 50m

3:53 - Why did you come off here? Waiting til the O-Ni fired was a good idea, but if you came down to the north you could've avoided the damage. Killing the O-Ni first was obvious target prioritisation but you were very lucky with the fire and that the M103 was nearly as oblivious as the Tiger I was bad at shooting. The other issue is that if the two Tier 7 tanks die to a Tier 9 tank you've got the T30 potentially taking the hill, and once you slip off if it decides to flank you, you're deader than Paul Walker, but not mourned as much.The AMX M4 45 is already moving by the time you slip off - leaving T7+T9 vs T8 and T9 in the West. You should've used your reload to spot the T30 for arty and check you weren't getting flanked.

4:25 - Why the obsession with too much zoom? Quit it! You can make these shots in third person without losing the ability to micro-position. You're not good enough to hide your tank perfectly doing peekaboo and get away with it in other games. and track! when you track tanks you get extra XP and credits from damage other people do, plus you can stop them from having shots on you in situations like this.

4:32 - You've dumped your clip, you've done a heap of damage and you're facing the right way, but you don't need to be 2 tank lengths out of cover. Personally I'd be using the O-Ni as its easier to prevent the M103 from having shots at your tiny tank while you get clear tracking shots into the back drive sprocket - positioned correctly the M103 can't even try to return fire!

4.50-6.00 - You could've gone back to the middle. You're creeping up on a bush-camping TD which if he's fully camo'd you won't spot until you're ~200m away. He'll spot you at ~340m if he's got all skills and perks. You have a camo net (inactive), binocs (doh, use optics or both) and no vehicle camo. If neither of you have any skills, he'll spot you at ~275m and you'll spot him at ~260m. So if he's focusing in your direction with the 15cm, you better be closing that distance fast or using fleeting glimpses into hard cover......in other words, you suspect he's on the perch so after hitting the T30 you should be less predictable. Aim your shots you lazy idiot. fully aiming them take 0.1-0.2s more than you had, and would've give you double the damage on the T30. 135 dmg per shell, 363hp left - you'd basically need to min-roll one of your shells or average 10% under not to kill him. But you don't even know if you're lit! Instead of making yourself a tiny and difficult target by cuddling up to the building or using it to block some angle off, especially if you want to sit in open field like that with an unspotted Roomba around.

6.00 on - the IS-3A has a shell loaded yet you yolo in. After he fires, you start acting scared. You've proxy lit the Borsig - now what? The 50 120 finishes him off, but the whole time your focus has been posturing against a tank that can really hurt you - if he'd loaded a HE shell and high rolled you, you'd be finished.

In short, this isn't a good game. You get the hill uncontested and shoot at the back and sides of idiots, but you don't use your binocs to spot their back line and then let your arty die to a scout you could've stopped. You waste shells, overextend and while you do shoot at distracted tanks, only a fire and a premature ejection stop the Tiger I from hurting you, and only luck stops the O-Ni from killing you. At 7v7 the passiveness of their T30 and Roomba let you drop 3 clips into their heavies, but if they'd moved across you'd be dead and putting this game in the mediocre basket. You don't control vision well, you don't spot well and if you're gonna choose Binocs and a Camo Net then you need to learn to make use of them and let them kick in. The Roomba isn't positioned to kill you, but would've out-spotted you if it had been where better players would've put it.

All in all, you need to improve your tactical awareness, positioning for map control, the irritating zoom/sniper mode tic you have going on and your tendency to shoot from the middle of fields instead of hard cover. Your driving and directional choices are hyper-predictable and your should wait a little longer before firing (or use food etc). You need to take track shots and zoom as far out as you can and still make the shot. You need to always know the best entry plan... and to have one or more exit routes.

You did a lot of damage and got away with a lot of risky plays, and it worked out that time. If the hill had been properly contested, the T49 might've followed up on the same side you went too....all sorts of things went your way. It's a great game in damage and XP, and I'm not knocking what you did achieve - and I also understand that collapsing on the eastern tanks meant you pincered them instead of them flanking you. I feel like their IS-3A, Borsig and T30 lost the game for them though - at 1280-1890 dmg per volley if they'd worked in concert instead of alone they'd have been a mighty force.

Obviously as well, some of the things I mentioned might have caused you to have a lower XP game in this particular game, but raised your survival rate generally and your XP in most games. I'd suggest running Auto Fire Extinguisher or Food/Large Rep/Large First Aid, dropping the Binocs unless you're doing spotting missions and running GLD/Vents/Optics. Invest in camo paint - even 30d for silver, and 6th sense then BIA. 

TL:DR - poor game technically, great score. happens to us all now and again. hopefully you play better but for less reward on average! Hope I wasn't too critical - no sleep and you seemed to ask for it.

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T37 Game

+ no symptoms of schizophrenia at start. (10.30-10.00) 

- pick the lowest route off the start (9.40)
- run the ridge don't run the risk (of getting caught stationary) (9.20) 
- presumably you're spotted. You use the back of the ridge to get un-spotted (good). If you reverse up to spotting positions you can often clear out twice or thrice as fast. (9.00)
- with 3 arty per team you are moving too slowly (8.41)
- you can help the Luchs and get out the far end without getting hurt. The Cromwell goes to help while the 59-16 is on a reload... But you don't. I'm not pro throwing hp away for teammates but you have the speed and reload to take no damage and stop the hurt. Obviously you don't have to help it, but you'd be arty safe and have significant support and an exit route - there seems little reason not to.
- you take a couple of pot shots but it all feels a bit aimless. Further round on the hill and you'd have cover and no gun elevation issues - or back into D7. (8.00)

+ you catch an AMX with its pants down completely out of cover. Good job. 
- you hyperfocus and let the ELC shoot you cleanly with HE. Pulling back would've put the rocks between you (turret shot still might be possible but more exposure needed). Pulling forward would've put you safe from direct fire as M4 45 was too busy running. (7.05)
- more aimlessness and slow circles. NA arty really punish this. 
- the ELC has alpha and HP advantage. Why do you have to pick a fight with it? You don't! Any tank that wants to fight you head on is usually a bad tank to fight head on. (6.45)
- arty can bite you here. (6.30)
- and you're probably going the wrong way. Going round 1 or 0 lines for lights makes more sense.  (6.00)
- you have two tanks in the gully. they're pretty top tier so you need to ask 'where can I spot them from safely' and 'how can i support my teammates in helping them'.
+ good work on the Emil but you  need to AIM (5.40)
- aimless here (5.20)
- stupid. You're a one shot. (5.00)
- finally you make a good move.  You have view range on the enemy team, a good gun and even though you're cheap (buy optics, vents, rammer) you should out spot anything. 
- good work with arty killing but when the last one is a one shot don't close when you're in a no armor tank and your team mate fires high calibre HE - you don't want to get splashed if he takes the kill. I'd deal with the GwP first because he can HE you harder while the M44 should have HEAT loaded and you'll be behind him before he can turn and lay his drive.  (3.46). Hummel is obviously still in arty view from gun elevation so not worried about him. 
- more bad driving. (3.25) 
- go for track shots! (3.15) use handbrake to stop if you need.
- go off the flat bit at speed not creeping the ridge. You're racing the t67 for damage (2.25)

My main issue is that this game is a bit like the other one. You get a lot of free damage by noticing opportunities you can hurt a distracted enemy - Light Driving 101 - but a skill that most people never master. Your spotting damage is basically the Emil, the ELC and one arty - not really a good return considering how long you got hung up on them, and if the M4 45 had had the sense to be ridge poking instead of doing a base yolo your score would've been far from epic. Your shooting was reasonable/good, but again your tank setup is shitty/cheap and you don't have 6th sense as far as I can tell. Purely from an efficiency perspective, landing a few tracking shots where arty hits for 300-600 would've been a good thing to do, and if you're competing for the middle ridge with a tank that has the slides the assaulting team is almost always at a disadvantage. Because the ELC has no gun depression to speak of you got away with it, but another T37 with -9 degrees would've smashed you. Your hangup with the ELC really stops you from working out where other tanks have giving your team intel would've helped them to clean up more - probing more than the sides of the right in 6 minutes can be achieved in a tank with that much speed. Get a bit more canny about avoiding arty - keep your speed up, reverse up to places you might get lit, etc.

And yes, I get that view range and vision games aren't a strength of the T37, but there's no need to cut off your nose to spite your face with vision. Think about buying and running food on sale if you like, but try rammer/vstab/optics or vstab/vents/optics.

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Thank you very much Tigeh for your detailed report, I'll get some time once arrived home and will review it myself point to point whil watching the replays. I have to admit that the 13 75 game was pretty yolo, yeah, dunno why did I even think it was good.

Now, about the T37 game, you are right, my crew is shit and that's why I have that equipment setup which is not the optimal. Also, I'm running very low on creds since I recently bought the 13 90, and as I have no prem account (don't think I play enough to really make use of it except summer/holiday times) it will stay that way until my savings reach a healthy number again.

Again thank you, you weren't that harsh, just a little bit. And I was asking for it :D

1 hour ago, zapyoug said:

Just as a general note, its easier to critique more average games than ones that went well.

My good games aren't that good in general haha, I'm sure you guys have a lot to tell me about them :)

My average games are so meh that it's not really worth it to review them. But I think I'll start uploading like 2-3 replays of the last game session, maybe a couple of averages and a "good" one. Thank you for the suggestion.

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