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Jon's even more pixelated pixel tanks

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Heyo :)

My GF likes to do stuff with ironing beads and I am okay at pixel art so I decided to make some tanks for a friend to pick from and let her iron it. And since I had so much fun doing the pixel tanks I kept going and made some more. I hope you like them :)


Keep In mind that I had to chose from the colors she had and was very limited in my details since the low resolution. I will create some more, so feel free to drop requests.


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And I made some more. Pixel Art is really relaxing ;)


Had to do a T-34 because there are two standing around in my city.


Also added

  • Centurion with L7
  • E25
  • Object 263
  • STA-1

And I re did the KV-2 for like the fourth time.

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