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Free XP to the T8s

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With test server up now:

Free xp to the tier 8s where the crews stay at 3 members (CDR, DRV, RO for TD) (CDR, GUN, DRV for HVY).  It's 4 crew members prior.

TD:  256,025

HVY:  250,535

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What is the crew layout for tier 7 and lower, commander gunner driver radio? That would still be a workable crew layout, just split the extra member to other line at tier 8. But if it's anything else (like a loader required), it'll be annoying.

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The the thread "Swedish tank crew layouts + changes of Swedish tanks" over in the upcoming changes boards has all of the crew layouts, its good stuff and I think will have the answer to what you want to know.

5 hours ago, Copeyhagen said:

The Leo is tier 7? Can someone work out how much to Leo fully elite plz. Cheers. 


155,135 should get you to the leo.

182,715 will be close to an elite (add more for the top radio, which I can't tell you as it's shared with TD line and I have it unlocked from there).  Also can't tell you if stuff is shared if you play up, but bottom is 185k plus or minus a couple will get ya there.

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