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USB Port broken?

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A while back I had a power outage while my pc was on. When the power was restored, the USB ports where my wifi dongle and my mouse were inserted don't seem to work anymore.

I put the devices in other USB ports and they work, and I've tried put other USB devices in those ports, but they didn't work, so I assume it's the port that are malfunctioning.

Given that my internet is a lot shittier now with my wifi dongle in a 2.0 usb port at the back of my pc, might there be any chance that those problems are software/driver related and are fixable, or are they fried?

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Front case USB connectors dead or at the back of the MB?


  • You can always reinstall the chipset and USB drivers ... .
  • Pull the plug from the wall over night and press the start button 3 times after you pulled the plug
  • Try changing/disabling USB devices/operating modes in BIOS
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I have had this happen a few times.  For me, going to device manager, uninstalling the problem USB and then detecting hardware changes to get it back fixed it each time.  Hopefully the same for you.

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Didn't work. All the USB ports that don't work are USB 3.0 ports, and I've checked and they are plugged in correctly.

They don't show up in the device manager either.

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What didn't work?


  • Go into device manager and "search for changed hardware"
  • reinstall USB 3.0 drivers
  • check BIOS and make sure USB 3.0 is enabled. If it's enabled there, disable it, F10 (save and exit), boot into windows, restart and back into BIOS and reanble it the USB 3.0 ports (F10)
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