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Black Friday Tanks Leaked

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9 minutes ago, Griphos said:

How were you "laughing at a black guy"?  You simply reduced him to his blackness to equate him with a stupid skin on a bad tank in a pixel tank game, and then coupled that with a racial slur about black people with long history (that they have "camo" for fighting at night).  

How is any of that funny (or even particularly intelligent) in any way?  

And the dragon in your cartoon should be labeled "reason" or "intelligence".  Although something called "political correctness" is about as mythic as dragons, so that part is right.  

How is that a fucking slur? Dark skinned people are harder to see at night. White people blend with snow or sand. No part of that is offensive, it's literal optical fact.


Go back to your safe space, snowflake. 

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