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one hundred million credits

Most credits you ever had?  

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  1. 1. Most credits you ever had?

    • <10 million
    • >10-20< million
    • >20-30< million
    • >30-50< million
    • >50-100< million
    • >100-200< million
    • >200 million (i have seen screenshots of 300 million credits :p )

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On 11/25/2016 at 0:39 PM, GehakteMolen said:

As the title says:


I now have one hundred million credits! (had to buy and sell some ammo to make it 100 mil exact)

Also, mandatory poll, whats the highest amount of credits you ever had?

Can it be in unconverted gold?

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The most I've had was 22mil, only reason it ever got that high was because I never bought tier Xs, just researched them. 

My "safe" zone for credits is 11-15mil, if I have that much, I don't even pay attention, only when it drops below 10 do I tell myself "need more credits"

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