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[FAZE] Recruitment Thread

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Good morning!

  • FAZE is a rising multinational clan for those interested in platooning, SH and CW
  • We're aggressive players, and our CW strategy is dynamic and interesting; we never turtle unless defending a province
  • We have experienced callers who are former members of top clans like PZSRL, OMEGA, RPS and CROWN
  • We help blue recent players cross that line into purple recent
  • Clan wars time is around 8:00-11:00 pm GMT+8
  • We have a positive reputation and our players are not viewed as arrogant or toxic



  • Recent WN8 of 1800 WN8
  • Sufficient English Understanding to Follow Commands
  • At least 1 Tier 6 meta tank, 2 Tier 8 meta tanks and preferably 1 Tier 10 meta tank, or the commitment to grind one
  • Special Consideration to Skilled Artillery Players
  • Special Consideration to Players with Microphones and the Ability to Speak English 
  • These are rough guidelines and each application or expression of interest will be reviewed on a case by case basis
  • We are understanding and willing to give leeway for different circumstances


  • Commander: IJN_KelvinTheGreat
  • Executive Officers: DarkRequiem, zeronumber01, arkeish97, iggysg


  • For recruitment enquiries, please message IJN_KelvinTheGreat, BernieSanders (myself) or arkeish97, or come to our Discord
  • Ask for our Discord :)


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1 hour ago, zapyoug said:

Hey man, anyone who refuses to turtle is cool in my book :nyes:

o7o7o7 All the clans on this server turtle like a bitch.


Now you know why we want arty players :^)


I mean, in randoms arty punishes aggressive play but in organised play... arty really does prevent camping :^)

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