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My name is Mike “Aggressor” Mercuri, I like long walks on the beach, reading stories near the camp fire while playing my acoustic guitar. My cats name is 18 because that’s how long I have been following the JB fandom (since day 1). I joined this team because they are number one, and since I’m number one I needed to have a team that was also number one. They beat Nobel once. When I was sleeping Martha Stuart told me in a dream to JOIN CALLER WANTED. Later that day on the opera show she told me to JOIN CALLER WANTED, I JUST HAD TO JOIN. I started playing tanks because every other game wasn’t hard enough, there wasn’t enough RNG in the game. I love RNG, it really shows how good players are. Rip primetime

Words to live by





More Money





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connie? is he gone somewhere and he just pop in last years then say hi then dissappear with brick.

is that you mike w FBreastCancer? or some clone of u call baby?

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