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Thanking everyone for your help on reaching unicum recent.

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Hey everyone.

I'm assuming quite a few people here kinda know me, or at least have seen me around before. I've been messing around on this forums since April??? I think, and have loved every second of it. You guys are all such a great community, and have been so encouraging to me.

I recently just hit unicum recent, and I would like to thank everyone here for the advice and support you have given me. the road from 2k recent to unicum has been tough, as it has a required a big shift in thinking, as i try to seek ways to outplay my opponents and win the match. The advice you guys have given me, whether it be direct, aimed at someone else, or in an article or post like that, have been hugely helpful. through it i was able to transfer my low tier game-play up into high tiers, then improve on my low tier game-play, and transfer it again.

I doubt i would have 1 marked the e75 beforehand, let alone 2 marked (I'm still bad so no 3 mark) without the advice on brawling, positioning, and trading you guys have provided everyone with. I wouldn't have 3 marked the cromwell without all the micro-positioning spots, flexing advice, vision abuse advice, and camo abuse advice, and i have a better understanding of how prem ammo should be used.

I also play arty a lot less too now:nyes:




P.S. I am pretty sure this is in the wrong place, so i dumped it here, hoping someone knows where the heck to put it. PLS HALP:O

P.P.S Still gotta hit that 60% solo recent w/r.

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