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So tired of doing top damage and losing. Please save me from this solo pub nightmare.

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currently grinding the t54e1 and have everything but the top engine but il play whatever


its mostly the is6 and e25 i keep doing top damage in and losing. I swear theyre cursed. if anyone wants to school me on those feel free.

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1 hour ago, Hunter636 said:

early damage and staying alive is what wins games

Sometimes it's just as important taking hits for you allies (IS6) or getting very early spotting done (E25). Basically playing to your tank's strengths. Staying alive's nice'n all but not if that means being passive early on. 

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Stop being a peasant and just kill the entire team? 

My best recommendation would be to actually get involved in brawls but use your magical powers of not being retarded to avoid being murdered.

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Its not a matter of doing the highest damage. Farming useless tanks on the enemy team that have no impact on whether you will win or lose just gives you pretty numbers. You need to shift your mindset and try to get damage for the win. You should be running through your head the SEE loop (search, evaluate, execute) to analyze what to do to secure a win. Look at your position in relation to your team and their team. Look at the minimap and gather information to make an informed movement. See what enemy tanks are lit in what pivotal positions that are decimating your team. Where do you have an overmatch advantage. If in an autoloader, am I on reload and can I be in a better position. Once you gather your intel, then you evaluate it and make a choice based on your past experiences in battles, and then act on that choice. As you act, you begin searching again and the loop continues till you finish the battle. 

Being careful and intentional in every match you play prevents you from rage tilting on and on, as well as being aware of your mistakes.

No matter what, if a game is lost, it is your fault, always. Your job is to find where you went wrong and never do it again. 

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