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Hmm, I wonder what that music at 2:26 could be... 


yes, I know it was the Battle Hymn Of The Republic, but that was also a leftist song originally.

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On 2016/12/10 at 3:06 AM, Jug0sLovEn said:

Im triggered, now wheres my sad face emoji??? :trump:


Update: Apparently I got a warning for posting this video on the official WoT Asia forums:


Restriction was given for breaking the rule warn - Social/Religious/Polical - 1st offense in Freedom Tanks. 
Verbal warning only.


Dear Player,

Please note that discussion of social, religious, or political topics that create controversy, as well as negatively portraying religious or political figures is forbidden in our forums.


As such, we have edited your post for content and moved your thread to the Locked Thread Archive



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