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Tier X Platoon Halp Meh

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Yeah so I recently to the 50b and currently getting used to it.  Since it's meant to be played as a support tank, it's somewhat hard to do with pubbies as you don't know if they're reliable or not.  If anybody would like platoon Xs with me, I'd greatly appreciate the assistance.  I have plenty of contacts but everybody seems to hate playing anything above VIII since it's so unprofitable to run for most people.

Thanks for your time!

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Hit me up friend. I'm working on unlocking that tank as well, and it will be my next T10, but I'll run my E5 wit ya. You can follow me around and clip out whatever is trying to kill me. :-). And I'll cover you while you're clipping. 

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1 hour ago, nemlengyel said:

ever tried asparagus cream soup?

Or steamed&salted? :P

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