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Milestone 2000wn8 before 10k battles

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Hi Guys! 

Just wanted to congratulate myself on achieveing one of my goals in this game stat-wise, which is 2000wn8 before 10k battles. I set this goal when I had around 1300wn8 and 4k battles under my belt and now a couple years later I did it.

I'd like to thank wotlabs in general for the help it was provided me and I'd like to thank some people in specifically.

@WaterWar For being my 1st and 2nd FC and mostly for giving me the chance to play with guud playerers :cri:

@Gharirey For being angry german and giving me and seafood42 a shitton of crap when we played bad while platooning :nmad:

@Kolni For showing me that being good also means you can be bad :serb:

@Reecey_ For being rice #yolo :disco:

@Zefod42 For being awesome #broluv :nou1::nou2:

to all my ex clanmates from LAVA and LOTI  Guud times :awyeah:

Also Ubisoft for fucking up The Division making me pursue tanks again after a 9 month break :tanfiesta:






Last but not least I'd like to dedicate this victory to Quickybaby! :kappa::kappa::kappa:


CHeers! Now on to blaming my team for everything bad that happens for another 2-3 years :party:

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47 minutes ago, zapyoug said:

that win rate though :eww:

Yeah I know right?! :minglee:

Ever since I started playing again my recent wr and wn8 arent too good. before I took the hughe break I was like 57% 2800wn8 recents now I am pleb :triggered:

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