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Looking for a clan

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Hi Tankers!

I am currently looking for a new clan :):)

What do I offer?

Available Tanks:
Tier VI T-37 (2 skills crew) 
Tier XIII IS-3(2 skills crew), 
Tier V/VI/VII/IX available for platooning

Tier X:Obj 140 (I estimate will be available in around 3/4 weeks (3skill crew), STB-1(Long way to go, just at tier V), will take in consideration other tanks only after having these 2.

Tier VIII:
T-54 ltw. (just bought MT-25), will take in consideration other tanks only after having this one.

Additional info:

Languages: Italian native/English fluent
System: 50/70 ping range, 80/110 fps range
Days per week online(with exceptions): > 3
Account info: Re-roll (1st Personal account, the other was shared. See Vedranbomb (Noob good friend of mine sold our first tier X E-100 after 30 battles because: "it was crap" :( )
Estimated personal battles summing up the two acc (10k)
No CW experience, Stronghold experience for Tier VI/VIII
I am already in a clan, but we only make team battles and platoon, not enough fun/challenging for me and already informed Commander about decision to leave.
TeamSpeak availability.


What do you offer?

Stronghold: Yes (mandatory), VI/VIII/X (as soon as i will get X)
CW: Yes ( not mandatory), VI/VIII/X (as soon as i will get X)
Platoon: Of course
TeamSpeak: Yes, even if sometimes I solo with music on, I like to be online in AFK room.
Age: >18 
Languages: English
Level: My level or better (not that harsh requirement!), >1600 WN8 (having some Dark blue/purple teammates/commander or especially Field Commander would be great)


I want to learn in order to enjoy the game even more (Play=fun, Win= More fun)
I listen to FC and more experienced players, I have my own opinion and will share it, looking for ingame discussion to improve.
I want to have fun and joke, please no old fashioned military clan with bossy boss, this is Gaming not Army (I don't need a second job)

Thanks for reading, sorry for the long post ;)! 

Please comment if you have the right environment or you can advice one :)! 

Cheers and may RNG be with you :)

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