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T110E5 analysis and suggestions

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1 hour ago, Gr1nch_1 said:


As mentioned above if you really want to improve post a replay where you do no more dmg than your avg in this tank.

And if you really want to brag (tho that dmg on this forum wont give you much credibility) theres a section for that.

Yeah true, I'll start saving some other replays as well. Honestly not bragging though. I wanted to know if I could of positioned my self differently etc or reacted to things quicker as I know there were a few things that I could have done differently my self.

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Saying you can't learn from your good games is nonsense, there's always room to improve. The reddest tomato can get 6k dmg by playing like shit, but by sheer luck managing to be in the right places at the right time even if for the wrong reasons which should be pointed out to him if he wants to learn. For all I know that might as well have been the situation in OP's replay without having watched it.

I totally agree there's more to be got from reviewing games where you didn't do that well, but assuming right away that OP only wants to brag is just rude.

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