Best tier 8 light for league format

Best Tier 8 Light for League  

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    • T-54 Lightweight
    • WZ-132
    • T-49
    • Blackdog
    • AMX 13-90
    • Ru-invisitank

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Which light do you think is best for the current league format and why?

Do you think the blackdog fits in?

Do you think the marginal extra dpm of the Wz-132 (with the small gun) makes it a viable competitor to the Soviet Lightweight?

Is the T49 derp a viable option against light comps like tvps and bats?

Any other opinions regarding?

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I think they all have a role in 7/68. 

34 minutes ago, MacusFlash said:


They used T49s quite a bit in Gold League and the Grand Finals, both for 7/54 and 7/68. It was a bit of a gimmick but it worked.

I think it depends on the role you want to fill with said light tank. The 54 lt. is still the best for combat, such as supporting pushes or counter scouting, without sacrificing too much in the way of vision or DPM. However, if you want to fill a more vision oriented role the RU might be better and the 13 90, well, it's well camouflaged and small. 

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depends on what you wanna achieve with the LT


AMX 1390 is only used on Murovanka due to camo and Himmels due to the clip, but the better teams run an IS3 and a BC instead on there

Lightweight only really works well when you play it hulldown, and there are limited strats where you can do that well. Cliff and Ruinberg defenses are the only ones I can really think of.

T49 only sees use on Mines and Cliffs where shooting BCs and TVPs happen often enough to warrant the awful gun handling, because you'll pen your shots with HEAT almost guaranteed and HE if you're lucky.

I've only seen WZ-132 used once, and that's the Ruinberg in the champions rumble final where it worked really well, but a lightweight would have a very likely outcome. (Small gun option for the WZ-132 gives it good gun handling which is the only real difference, with the big gun it is just a worse lightweight in almost every scenario)

RU251 is the most used one in the 7/68 format simply because it has the speed, pen and climbing ability the others lack. Solo climbing A8 on Steppes is a huge deal, and for rotations it's simply faster and better than other lights. 


7/54 is a different story. T49 is a nogo, same with WZ-132. RU is used for climbing or getting to really agressive positions early, and 13 90 for dank passives/city play with the lightweight being the main choice due to countering other lights very well along with bouncing a shot or two here and there. Now the map pool for 7/54 should be different so it's not exactly the same, but not having BCs to fill scout roles means you'll have to stack some lights. I'd almost always go with at least two lightweights and 3 heavies, and the other two slots are the ones that keep changing. RU251 for one of them if there are good climbs or when you need a light with depression (Steppes, Mines, Cliffs) while I'd go with a 13 90 on others. The second spare slot is mostly map specific gimmicks that keeps changing. 3 lights 3 heavies and 1 spare slot for memes is the way to go

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