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[EU] 2.2K WN8 3.9K Recent

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Looking for a clan where I can play on global map from time to time and where there is a lot of platooning( Tier 9-10).

Not a re-roll as many people think and no I didn't buy the account (You can see in time machine was at like 700 WN8 when I started).

Got a nice amount of tier x tanks. My dmg in some of my tier x tanks (bat and cent) is bad because first tier x tanks. Trying to get them up in dmg but not easy. 

3 marked t62a and trying to 3 mark all other tier x tanks xD.

Anyhow, looking for a good clan, any offers shoot them my way.!

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Did I forget to actually submit my reply earler? I guess I did :facepalm:

Yeah we have zero focus on regular CW other than campaigns so no 'regular payouts of gold'. We do however almost always have a credit bonus running as we are very SH orientated for the bonuses and our amazing setups.

We don't do try hard and it's completely relaxed, though we are getting pretty full and without the magical 2.2k mark overall it will be harder to convince people but shouldn't take you long :)


EDIT: Oh wait I'm getting confused with all these apps from people!! :oscar: Ignore what I said above apart from the last bit


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