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The "Post Your Ugly Mug" Thread

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Me and my cat overlord.




Another image from my photobucket that isn't a humorous forum image or game screenshot. Apparently animals like rubbing their ass on me. This is the "I can feel this monkey's butt pads touching me - so much monkey herpes".



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My nephew Bleyes and me.  Surprisingly, I'm the smaller of the two, but I have better stats!




Some friends and I at a Megadeth concert.

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According to pupils I'm Harry Potter after a crack binge.



School frowns on online photo posting where it can be linked to me using naughty words, you're not missing much though...



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I actually do look a lot like that. A friend did a sketch of me as a zombie. Take away the bullet hole, imagine a bit of of hair (receeding :-/ ) and better dentistry and there you have me :-)

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This is like the boobs thread, only with different kinds of boobs.


Here is me in fat hobo mode:




You have no idea how much you look like a friend of mine...

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