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The "Post Your Ugly Mug" Thread

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I like tooting my own horn, and I gotta say my picture back on page 21 looks pretty awesome. Also, there are some pretty awesome looking people here other than me. Obviously to be good at tanks you have to be good looking.

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omg look at this cutie below meee~


brb cuddling rex



nope, the qtness is up there!




brb hiding




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This thread is so far from my rural Texas lifestyle... yet I am interested to see how it plays out....

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Now i just wish Tony Rexx and Ziddy to have a major gay-off... I'd go into cuteness overload D:

Actually i had to punch a hole through the wall after the great discovery to feel a bit manly again D:

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Me at the Canadian war museum 2 month ago.














yeah..... I love T-34-85..... and take generic pose

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