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Looking to improve decision making

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I'm playing a lot of meds and heavies, and I can't seem to make the right decisions to help improve my stats. Just looking for a little help, as well as a buddy to enjoy the game with. Thanks! Specifically playing the Pershing a lot, and the Tiger 2. 

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26 minutes ago, GunnSm0ke said:

Any interest in clans? If so check us out:


We might be able to help.


Yea, that seems to be perfect for me! Any website I can go to? This is awesome.

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Exactly like @SlyMeerkat says. This game requires a lot of knowledge and experience to become a good player and all that depends on you. It takes time and effort but mostly it is your own desire about becoming better. You can progress at a faster rate but it takes more investment from you. Or you can progress at a leisure pace. It varies from player to player. It also depends on your ability to learn and pick up things. The quicker you can learn the quicker you will progress.

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