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STRV 103-0 (Tier 9): Overmatch Mechanics 101

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I've logged 50 games in this now. Rather than giving pros/cons compared to other tier 9 vehicles, I will just list the significant changes from the UDES 03 since it is such similar play style. I should note I am speed grinding this so I will not be upgrading the tracks or engine (this also means I can't use vents). So my impression of the mobility will be somewhat off.


  • 40mm armor - need >120mm gun to overmatch
  • Siege mode speed increased to 10kph - you can now actually move around a bit while in siege mode
  • 1.25s to exit siege mode (-.75s) - this is actually pretty significant to limit your exposure
  • 1500 hit points (+500) - with the armor your survivability is way higher
  • Slight DPM increase (~.25s faster reload) - this actually does matter, it's sometimes the difference between getting a second shot in or permatracking someone


  • All around slower - worse top speed, slower acceleration
  • Large - harder to hide in a bush, easier for arty to hit
  • 390 alpha even less effective at this tier
  • Tier 9 MM which means a lot more tier 10 battles.....and tier 10 gameplay is balls
  • Doesn't boost nearly as well (though I'm not using upgraded tracks+engine)

So the biggest thing to talk about is the armor. You now have 40 mm. When you point directly at an enemy your entire front is at 75-79° which is auto bounce angles for AP/APCR. Any gun 120mm or smaller caliber will bounce off you all day long unless they know to aim for your rather small cupola. However, there's two things you need to worry about. Any gun over 120mm will still overmatch you everywhere - thus Russian 122s are actually really dangerous. Second, HEAT does not auto bounce until 80° which means even smaller caliber guns that switch to HEAT will have an easy time penning you. Take a look at the video below - with my Obj 140's APCR round I bounce anywhere on the upper or lower plate. But when I switch to HEAT I pen all the same locations with ease.

These armor intricacies require a lot more thinking to play the tank effectively. If you know there are small caliber guns ahead of you just charge right in like a mighty titan and slaughter everything. If there are larger guns ahead, cower in fear. An IS-6 is more dangerous than an E-50. A T-54 is more dangerous than a T-62A because the 54 is probably slinging HEAT while the 62 will probably bounce APCR off you for a while. You may want to focus out an IS-3 before dealing with a 50B. While the armor can't be used in every situation it is actually pretty effective. I've had multiple 3k blocked games. I've also been quickly shredded by a T-54 who was firing HEAT. Know your enemy!

Overall this tank is still at its best when it can't be seen. Just like the UDES, this tank benefits from fighting at the edge of view range. Camo values are still good so shooting tanks you are spotting yourself is quite possible. The speed is still good enough to run like a bitch when needed. What is new with this tank, though, is the capability to actually fight in cities and close quarters. The extra speed in siege mode means you can round corners and shoot people on reloads. In the right situations the armor is incredibly effective (I'd be happy to eat your whole clip Mr. Batchat). Your extra hit points means you can trade a few shots if necessary. You're still better off fighting from range but at least now you have some offensive capability. It's a breath of fresh air after the UDES. The increased speed in siege mode also allows you to play hills effectively - you can now poke up with your 11° gun depression and then get back down to safety in a reasonable amount of time.

Overall I think this tank is much better tier-for-tier than the UDES. It still carries a lot of weaknesses so it is less capable than a JT or T30. But it is definitely something different so I am enjoying the grind thus far.

I'm attaching two replays that I think showcase the tank pretty well. The first is a game on Ruinberg where I'm forced to fight in the city a bit. You can see how the armor allows me to carry the game as I tank multiple shots from a Kranvagn.


The second game is a solid carry on Erlenberg that showcases both the camo sniping and armor use of this tank. SR360 and I set up for a shooting gallery for the first few minutes of the game. We bounce and miss tons of shells but eventually whittle them down. I actually do a lot of the spotting during this time. We then push up and I put my armor to work against a bunch of sissy tier 9s. Then we slip in and ninja cap for the win with little time to spare. 2500 XP, 6k damage, 4.5k spotting, and a Steel Wall.


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3 hours ago, MAJEST1C said:

Any difference with heat while in siegh mode?

There's not much you can do - trying to angle the upper or lower plate to reach autobounce angles for HEAT just exposes the other surface. Another issue is that your side armor is only 20mm so shots that come in from even a moderate angle can overmatch on the side. So basically all you do is point your gun directly at the person that is shooting at you and hope they don't start slinging HEAT.

As more people get used to fighting these things they will learn to switch to HEAT or HE right away so I expect this tank to become less effective over time.

2 hours ago, Archaic_One said:

These things have made me start carrying some HE in my M46 . . . sigh

Yeah, any 120mm or smaller gun that doesn't have HEAT will have a ton of trouble. 

5 hours ago, Nekommando said:

This tank is basically Swedes in a nutshell?

The tier 8-10 TDs all play kind of the same, but the Tier 9 and 10 are significantly more capable than the tier 8.

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This is B fucking S.


The overmatch mechanic is complete and uter bullshit right now... You completely focus on a tier 8 (IS-3) juste because he has 2mm more than a tier 10 autoloader with 1600 clip damage that you completely ignored.... :look:

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Yep, ridiculously binary armor. Just had last night 6k damage tanked in Himmelsdorf. Tanked two clips from t57 for example, if he had loaded HEAT it would been all over for me immediately. But as he did not load skill ammo, I could farm him without taking any damage. 

Kind of understand now why WG wanted to change autobounce mechanisms. One fight, tank everything while tier 10 mediums spam high penetration APCR to me... Next fight get constantly penned by tier 7 M41 Bulldog with 76mm tiny gun just because it happens to have HEAT ammo.

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Still won't help against an IS-3. FFS it won't even help against a Kv-85 running the 122mm... Litterally 0 logic in this system... They teased us with a new bouncing mechanic and they need to implement something close to it now, and fast...


Actually that's not true, UFP is much stronger to begin with. LFP is still butter though. 

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17 hours ago, dualmaster333 said:

Yeah, any 120mm or smaller gun that doesn't have HEAT will have a ton of trouble.

Working as intended, Comrade:serb:.

NATO can just fuck off.

On topic: How will the new proposed 9-10 tier Jap derps work against this line? One-shots:bigdoge:?

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7 hours ago, Vetro said:

What a trash tank. Finished the grind in one session and I have PTSD. AMA

How to not kill myself and speed grind it with better than 2k dpg?

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1 hour ago, Vetro said:

Never get spotted.

You mean base camping ? :dealdog:

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9 hours ago, Vetro said:

What a trash tank. Finished the grind in one session and I have PTSD. AMA

That was a depressing 80 games for me, but you went and finished with what 117?

Blew my dpg out of the water 2800 vs 3300 what a fuckin meme.

I am now one of greatest RU 251 player on the server due to vetro's grind xd

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Foch review of the tank. 

One of the thing he said is so true and really say's it all about the overmatch mechanic. 

If WG had buffed the armor from 40mm to 41mm, yes 1 fucking mm. No russian 122's could have overmatch it and that would have solved most of the BS that the russian's have agains't this tank.  Without having to redo the entire mechanic.. 

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Shouldnt the reload be ~2 secs faster than the UDES? The DPM goes from 2087 on the T8 to 2,836 on the T9. I'd imagine that to be a bit more than .25s. Only being pedantic because I was really looking forward to the T9's DPM, and I hope I'm not missing something!

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I had a recent run in my tier 7 KV-3 against tier 8 and 9s on Prok, including some Swede TDs.


Russian 122mm cannons, simple but effective

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Holy shit this tank is excellent compared to the UDES. I don't know if I'm just used to how trashy the T8 was, but after a couple 5k damage games I think this will be a huge breath of fresh air. Being able to transition from 122-54 to a mini-T95 depending on your opponent's caliber takes some getting used to, but should be pretty manageable for anyone on this forum. Won one match by mowing down a bunch of low caliber heavies. The next had a few too many 122s, so I channeled my inner UDES player and bushkemped them all to death, then bullied the remaining meds for a win. Great fun. I can forsee some problems when you wanna bully in a game full of arty, though.

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Reason why I already prefer this over the T8:




So far, I'll stop for today the teams I'm getting are melting af.

Totally stock still.


In my UDES I had 1,7k dpg(stock grind granted)


Edit: After more games, I can say this gun behaves like BC25t gun, very inaccurate for me.

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