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Place to poast your epic game results/vids/etcetera.

I'll start with a breddy good T-34 match where my team was shit, enemy team was shit, and I just kinda farmed. :serb:

Also, fuck that shitter in the Crusader, he kept following me around the second half of the match, attempting to steal my kills and actually managed it once, costing me the Raisenai and almost costing me the Pools. 





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6 minutes ago, EndlessAgony said:

Noice. The German heavies are much better in Blitz than in PC WoT imo. Also, which gun were you using?

Waffe. Had it unlocked from the 28.01. Also stacked food and 10% fuel with rammer and vents.


*edit* FreeXP'd the turret.

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