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Any FreeCam Currently Working?

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Hi Folks:

   I'd like to take a flight over the Christmas garage before it disappears, but I haven't found a free cam mod that works with 0.9.17, for garage or replay. 

   Anybody know where I can find one?


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Thanks Spinee:

   Wow!  That's quite a garage. 

   It's interesting to see the tricks WG uses to make a very simple garage look so elaborate. 

   I was wondering how they made the transition from the near to the distant landscape, it looks smooth.  Garages usually have some obstruction to hide the change to a 2D painting of distant objects like mountains. 

   This garage is truly vast.  There are a few tricks, like 2D trees at very far distances, but this appears to be as complex as a full map we might see for a battlefield. 

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