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Ok guys I have a question for you all. I have googled with little to no luck.

What I am looking for is an option or a mod that will set the default level sniper zoom instead of saving what I last used.

eg. I enter sniper mode with the shift key, I use the scroll wheel to zoom in to take a shot on an enemy, lets say 8x zoom level for the shot. I'm done engaging that enemy and go to third person to re-position. Now I'm much closer to an enemy I would like to engage, I hit shift to aim my shot and I'm 8x zoom again and that's much to high for my new position.

Is there a mod that would default the sniper zoom back to say, 2x every time regardless of my previously used zoom level. Is this a thing? Is there a mod for it? Config file option? Some kind of work around?


I heard PMOD could work, but never used it. If anyone has a good .json file, please allow me to use.


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There is a mod like that, because I recall using one years ago. No idea what it is called or where to get it though.

What I do is I simply zoom back to 2x whenever I have a free second (e.g. while repositioning).
When I switch to sniper I almost always have 2x and can then zoom in if I need to. No need for a mod.

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PMOD does have that. I think sela's pack has PMOD extended version in it.

There is a defaultzoom.json within pmod script folder.

If you want only defaultzoom to work but nothing else you have to disable other scripts of pmod one by one

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